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Addiction and The Family

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6 Things Your Loved One Needs to Hear During The Christian Addiction Treatment & Recovery Process

Understanding and supporting a loved one’s battle with addiction and path through a Christian treatment & rehab can be a difficult task. As much as you would like to relate, it’s simply impossible to feel the full gravity of their situation if you yourself have not battled addiction. Although at times it may seem like your support efforts are unwanted and ineffective, they mean more than you’d ever know. If you’re a supporter who is lost in your attempts to show compassion and facilitate the recovery process, you’re not alone. This is something that proves difficult for almost every supporter. While every situation will require its own unique attention, there are several commonalities that can be identified in most Christian drug rehab and recovery cases. These...


Another Relapse! Why Should I Forgive Them Again?

Feelings of depression, shame, self pity, and apathy constantly plague an addict leading them to live in very dark and miserable places. Using seems to temporarily alleviate these feeling, but as the high fades out, it is quickly replaced with negative emotions that creep deeper into their heart and soul causing the darkness to be intensified and stronger than before. This often causes addicts to go on destructive benders and binges in order to chase a high for another temporary relief in order to  feel normal or some kind of happiness.This dangerous cycle is usually followed by feelings of intense guilt that is potent enough to make an addict never want to go down that path again. This is usually the time when your loved...


Fight or Flight

As I think about times I have faced fear in my life a number of things come to mind. The fear I had the first time I pointed my skis down a snow covered hill, fear I felt standing on top of a red covered cliff above the water just before jumping, the fear I had as I walked up to ask a beautiful girl to dance, and the fear I had as I drove my first son home from the hospital. There are many fears we face in life on a daily basis. Fear is something that most people dread. The feeling that comes over our whole body that makes the hair on our neck stand and a lump in our throat form, is something...


Small Group Sizes Help Improve Sobriety

We know how important it is to help our client feel comfortable enough to open up and disclose their personal trauma. Trauma that is also known as an underlying cause is usually a key factor that keeps you or a loved one’s addiction alive. Discussing, processing, and overcoming the underlying causes of addiction cannot always be done in a large group setting because more often than not, it is a very painful and emotional task. Small group sizes allow our clients to feel comfortable enough to discuss their personal trauma that they have kept hidden for so long. This openness then allows us to better treat them with a loving, specialized, and individualized approach. Drawbacks of Large Group Therapy Small groups can prevent members from getting lost...


What is Christian Family Therapy?

Our Christian Recovery Center firmly believes that as the family attends our family program and begins to heal, so too will the addict. This is due to the family’s newly learned ability to set and hold boundaries, which will hold their loved one accountable on a regular basis. We also understand that the effects of addiction can be felt by all family members and they alone cannot always help their loved one fully recover from their drug or alcohol addiction. We are here to help by providing private family therapy sessions on a weekly basis so that your family can grow and progress together. Family therapy is available for both residential inpatient and outpatient Christian treatment programs. The goal of family therapy is to help family members improve...


A Father’s Battle Against Prescriptions

In June of 2007, Eric Jensen was in a motorcycle accident. While receiving treatment for injuries sustained in the crash, Jensen was given a pain reliever prescription and some muscle relaxers. One day after feeling particularly pained, Jensen doubled his dose and quickly became high for the first time. He began taking pills in higher doses, asking for new prescriptions before his old ones were out, and taking pills from his wife and others. This spiral of addiction happened quickly and continued until he finally received help. After finally confiding in his wife and family, Jensen was finally able to move forward by attending and working with with various addiction recovery programs. Many of which were faith based. Fortunately Eric was able to receive help before it was...


How to Choose the Right Christian Drug Rehab Center

Choosing a Christian drug treatment center for you or a loved one is no easy decision. The overall success of recovery will largely depend on the quality and effectiveness of care given while receiving treatment, so it’s important to carefully evaluate your options and take into account your individual needs. Listed below are some factors to consider when deciding between different centers. Length of programs Typically, a longer stay would be helpful for someone struggling with a more intense addiction, so be sure to find out how long each center’s inpatient program is (and outpatient). Program accreditation and licensing A rehab center may be set in the beautiful rolling hills of a unicorn-filled valley, but if it’s not accredited by the state it’s in, and it’s not run by properly...


How to Help an Addict

Drug addiction never affects just one person. When someone you love is suffering with substance abuse it can feel impossible to know what the best way to handle it is – how do you support them without supporting their addiction? Though you can’t force someone to recover, you can certainly respond in a way that is loving without being enabling. Allow consequences to happen Though your natural instincts might be to protect your loved one from the negative consequences of drug addiction, it’s not conducive to recovery. In order to have a desire to change, an addict must recognize that there are consequences to their actions – if someone is there to “bail them out” every time, it makes it easier for them to continue using drugs. Extend love People are...


Do You Have a Shame-Based Family?

In order to understand if you are part of a shame-based family, you have to observe behaviors that take place within a private family setting, find out which behaviors are toxic and unhealthy, and create a plan of action to correct the behaviors. As we discuss common behaviors of a shame-based family, take an objective approach to find out which ones are practiced in your family and what you can do to facilitate change. What is a Shame-Based Family? Shame-based families have very limited and constricted feelings. There may be rules about what feelings are appropriate to share. For example, a family may discourage the expression of anger or sadness, but expect all family members to smile, show happiness, and/or act like nothing is wrong. This causes a person to...


Common Christian Rehab Questions

Christian Recovery Center Common Rehab Questions How quickly does a drug or alcohol addiction occur? This can vary by person. Much of it depends on the person’s atmosphere, age, social interaction, etc. A young person who has a family addiction history is more probable to abuse drugs than an older person with no history. What is involved during rehab? The person must abandon his prior way of life by joining the program. Then the patient will go through detoxification which is a phase when the substance of abuse is entirely detached from the body. The addict then acquires in rehab ways to avoid circumstances that have triggered cravings in the past and how to deal with feeling emotions again. The patient learns how to cope. How long does recovery from...