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Our Christian residential or Inpatient 12 step program provides a safe environment with a strong therapeutic support community for those who are severely struggling with addiction. Inpatient 12 step Christian program clients are able to focus on their recovery by having complete physical separation from their drug of choice, unhealthy relationships, or uncontrolled stressors that lead to persistent abuse of drugs or alcohol.

When discussing underlying issues, some subjects can be too traumatic to discuss in an open group setting. Our Christian Drug Rehab Centers is fully aware of this and therefore provides our clients every opportunity possible to meet individually (individual therapy) with a Master level clinician who specializes in substance abuse and mental health on a daily basis.

Our clients have an average of eight (8) hours per day at seven (7) days per week where they can meet with a therapist in those times of personal struggle for individual therapy. More often than not, our clients eventually feel safe enough to discuss their personal matters in the group room setting, however, they feel reassured knowing if they ever needed to sort out some of their private issues one-on-one with a therapist before “going public” in the group room, the option of individual therapy is available to them.

Our clients enjoy never having to compete for an individual session. There is never a need to schedule an individual therapy session for the simple fact individual therapy is not a luxury, but an everyday part of Christian treatment always available to our clients when needed. Our structure is extremely client centered which is why you will find our clinical team readily available to the clients and their families whenever these services are either requested or needed.

Individual therapy is absolutely crucial when it comes to healing from a serious drug addiction or if you are an alcoholic. There are some subjects that are just too sensitive to discuss traumatic past/current occurrences in a group room setting. Christian Drug Rehabs are meant to foster a safe and healing environment; however not every addict client is well equipped with the innate ability to process their personal problems.

Most all traumatic issues that need to be addressed tend to come from a few main causes:


Emotional abuse is just as damaging as physical abuse in that verbal words are just as harsh and leave invisible marks that sting for months if not years. Emotional abuse ranges from name calling, to belittling as well as ignoring someone constantly. All of these behaviors add up really fast and can cause serious harm. Emotional abuse can happen to just about anywhere with anybody.Physical abuse is very dangerous as it can escalate extremely fast and cause irreparable damage or even death. As much as we would not like to admit it, there is a lot of domestic violence associated with substance abuse. That is why our Christian Recovery Center offers a comprehensive anger management course that is specific to Christian substance abuse treatment.

Sexual abuse must absolutely be addressed as feelings buried alive never die. Whether the perpetrator was male or female (rape, molestation, etc.) must be addressed. This process is often compared to ripping an old band aid off and digging into a gashing would and to finally scoop out all of the puss and infected ooze once and for all. A gruesome and scary task, but as just mentioned, absolutely necessary if you ever expect to get clean and sober and recover once and for all.

Emotional, physical and sexual abuse is very traumatic and burns deep within the soul. If the experience is too traumatic it can cause what is called soul murder. It takes the loving and healing power of the Lord’s eternal sacrifice (Atonement) that helps us all to learn to forgive ourselves as well as our trespassers. Our Christian Recovery Treatment Center helps you do just such a thing.

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