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Our Christian Recovery Center does not profess to be the leading professional in all spectrums of addiction. However we do boldly claim that we have the best program for substance abuse treatment. In fact, we provide guaranteed results! After you have consulted with other Christian alcohol and drug rehabs, you will quickly see how other Christian treatment facilities usually structure their program according to what is most cost effective or beneficial to them; which unfortunately means allowing co-ed Christian residential treatment to occur as well as other harmful addictions to be allowed into their program such as methadone, suboxone, smoking or chewing tobacco, energy drinks, etc. while only addressing the “major” addictions such as opiates, alcohol, meth, THC, cocaine, or benzodiazepines.

Another grave issue you will discover is that certain Christian treatment facilities claim to have the ability to treat just about any diagnosis you throw at them. Be very careful of this, as you or your loved one’s very life is at risk. Our Christian Drug Rehab Center will never mix different addictions such as eating disorders, sex offenses, gambling, etc., or severe mental disorders such as schizophrenia, IQ of 80 or below, autism or any violent individuals in nature, etc., together in one room or under the same roof for that matter.

This can be very distracting and almost impossible for the client to ever feel safe enough to get down to the core issues and underlying problems they have swept under the rug for many years. More often than not, this happens all too much and is one of the major reasons an addict never really heals from their addiction. They are held captive and prisoner to their own emotional suffering not knowing how to finally release their buried pain and feelings. Whenever these special circumstances arise, it is our Christian Recovery Center’s promise to exhaust all reasonable efforts guaranteeing the client is placed in the best possible Christian treatment center available.

Our Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment’s Clinical Program Director has over 25 years of first-hand experience with drugs and alcohol. We are constantly involved directly with our clients on a regular basis. Between just sitting on the couch and sharing a few good laughs, or going on an outing; you will find him right there in the trenches beside the clients loving them unconditionally until the clients are able to love and forgive themselves. However, do not take this as an enabling behavior.

It is our Christian Recovery Center’s strict policy that the staff never work harder than the client in their own program and always hold them accountable at all costs and in all situations. The program structure is catered specifically to the individual and specific needs of every client that walk through our doors. That is why we are confident in promising guaranteed results that are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

We are here to help walk you through every step of the process. There is nothing more that we want for you to have then your own personal success results form our guaranteed results methods. It is not a risk or a gamble when you let the Lord go to battle up against your life threatening addiction!

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