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Located within the scenic foothills, our Christian drug rehab facility provides a comfortable and healing environment where clients feel safe at home. Our small yet spacious facility does not have the atmosphere or appearance of a hospital or even a Christian treatment center for that matter. Rather, our clients experience a warm and welcoming homelike environment.

Our Christian Drug Rehab Professional Staff

Our Christian Recovery Center employs only qualified staff members to work at their Christian inpatient drug rehab facility. Each staff member places the needs of the client as the utmost importance and priority. More importantly, all clinical staff and therapists are Master degree level clinicians that specialize in substance abuse and that cater to each client’s specific and individual needs.

Sometimes other Christian drug rehab centers drop the ball when it comes to quality professionalism. They mean well, but unfortunately make business decisions on what is the most cost effective instead of what is in the best interest of the client(s). There is nothing wrong with a substance abuse treatment center running a business and expecting to make a profit, however there is an extreme injustice when it comes to potentially hurting the client at the sheer desire of tuning a profit.

One way that other Christian rehab centers have discovered to cut corners financially is through employing paraprofessionals to cover the majority of the shifts throughout the day. This is not a horrible model so long as the facility provides quality therapy treatment on a consistent and regular daily basis (especially on the weekends as crisis does not only exist on a regular work week).

The worst thing that any alcohol or Christian drug rehab center could do is not provide routine individual therapy and only offer psycho-education from staff members that have no credentials or only a 2-year certificate. Therapy from a master level clinician cannot be reproduced or duplicated no matter how many years a staff member experienced a past history of drug use.

It may sound discriminating at first, however therapy is very complex and takes years to master. Just because someone has a history of severe drug use does not give them the right to provide treatment services to an addict who is in a life threatening situation. This is exactly why our Christian Recovery Center only hires the most amazing staff that are not only highly qualified, but also loving, caring and compassionate.

There is nothing more that we want than for you or loved one to completely heal from the dangerous effects of the disease of addiction. We take it very serious that once you are admitted into our program, that your life is literally in our hands. We therefore will do everything in our power to ensure you have to best support and guidance throughout your entire stay.

We encourage you and your family to take the time to visit our Christian drug rehab facilities. Come in and get to know our program, feel the comfortable environment we have created, and most importantly, come meet our therapists and staff who will be working with you or your loved one.

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