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One of the oldest methods in any recovery program’s toolbox is the 12 step recovery program to wellness. Although the most well-known example is the one used by Alcoholics Anonymous, there are others you can join.

Whether you are searching for a better solution to your daily struggles or you aren’t sure where you should begin your journey to recovery, Our Christian Recovery & Wellness Center has the right tools and friendly staff to help. We continue assisting more area residents with many types of illnesses and addictions, providing tools and resources that work.

Many treatment centers perform more like wellness spas in that they treat the symptoms while you attend. However, the majority of recovering addicts revert back to their old, harmful behaviors once they leave the treatment center.

Instead, we want you to receive effective treatment solutions that prepare you for a healthier, happier life. You no longer have to fret about fighting back against your addiction or ailments again when you have our staff and support groups backing you up.

When you, or a loved one, needs treatment choices that achieve results, you need an experienced team of medical professionals like ours. Allow us to help heal you like so many others before, in a safe and effective treatment center by calling us today for more information.

Where Did the 12 Step Recovery Program Originate?

Although today there are numerous programs for nearly all addictions and behaviors, there was little to no resources of help in the earlier 1900s. In fact, many injuries and fatalities in mines, factories, and other industries happened from the lack discouraging drug and alcohol use.

The Great Depression had far-reaching effects on our country in a way that affected more than monetary values. Many say that Henry Ford forced all of his employees to speak English to prevent mishaps of communications barriers to further, as well as him relying on a private team of thugs who would drag staff members out of saloons.

However, low pay, high mortality rates, and a world-wide economic depression also lead to people looking for escapes from daily life. After Hollywood developed motion pictures, the mob also grew under prohibition, supplying citizens with dangerous concoctions that often resulted in poisoning or death.

In 1939, the first 12 step recovery program was published by Alcoholics Anonymous founder Bill W. in his book Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How More Than One Hundred Men Have Recovered from Alcoholism, which described how his patients controlled their urges and made amends with the emotional cause behind them. Since then, hundreds more 12 Steps have been created for a variety of addiction needs, all with Bill W. to thank for his original contributions.

Although the later revisions of the original text drastically differed, there is no denying the effectiveness it can have in your life. No matter what you may be struggling with, joining the right support group may be the most effective treatment choice for your needs.

What is the 12 Step Program?

The first 12 Step recovery program had originally designed because, frankly, no one at the time understood how to become sober without a ton of personal effort safely. It wasn’t until Bill began interviewing others that had discovered sobriety on their own that he was able to collect his thoughts into 12 different sections.

After World War I, Alcoholics Anonymous wildly grew in popularity.  Unfortunately, by then Bill had helped, but started feeling the effect that the time had on him.

Unfortunately, as the book underwent revisions, the author had become an embittered man whose tone also became darker as well. He started drawing criticism from the medical and writing communities, its then inconsistent teachings making him an easy target.

Today, however, Bill W.’s influence has lead to countless people finding the help that they both need and deserve. It wouldn’t be without the original writings that healing would have been so readily available all around the globe.

Who could have known that his 12 Steps would have such far-reaching effects for many different treatment needs? Although more data needs to get recorded from the process, most experts agree that this method is among the most effective wellness choice each time.

The 12 Steps remain in place to guide you in discovering the cause of why you engage in addictive behaviors, as well as how to find a life free of your curse. Make sure that you choose a certified support group like ours for your best treatment possible.

What Are The 12 Steps?

The original 12 Steps had been created out of the need for a guideline to recovery. Since then, it’s been used or has undergone revision for various addictive needs.

Back when they had first received publishing, a majority of Americans subscribed to religion, mostly of the Christian faith. However, you don’t necessarily need to have faith in religion to undergo the process, although many people make claims that it does help and strengthen their relationship with God.

The steps are written to admit that their addiction has taken control of their life. It is faith in a higher power greater than ourselves that guides us back to restore our sanity.

The decision to start over and take back your life from addiction must be made by you, followed by an earnest look at your behavior and the resulting damages it caused. By admitting to God, ourselves, and your sponsor, you can be accountable as you attempt to remove the behavior from your life.

By righting the wrongs you have caused others and staying honest with yourself along the way, you can hope to discover the path to sobriety. And when you need help taking the first step in your journey, our staff remains ready to assist you.

What To Look For In A 12 Step Recovery Program

Although there are numerous variables to ponder when seeking out an addiction program, some will remain more effective at an individual level than others. With that being said, it is important to keep in mind how your treatment will fit into your already hectic life so that you continue relying on it without giving up.

One of the hardest things for those undergoing recovery is discovering how much of their life has been dedicated to their addiction. For instance, those who are learning to live without alcohol become shocked to see how much of their time each day revolved around drinking or being around places that served it. 

Another consideration is how much a specific program is going to cost, as well as how legitimate the agency in question remains. If you are unsure of what they are going to do with your payments, or if they refuse to release details about how they came up with their price, they may be trying to scam you in your time of need.

Finally, a top consideration that can’t get ignored is where do you prefer to handle your treatment? Some centers provide you the freedom to live your life the way you always have, while others may require that you leave everything from your previous life on pause for a while to get well.

No matter what methods sound like, the most effective program for you, you can always find the help you need with our Christian Rehab. Contact us today to discuss your treatment options to make the best decision possible for your needs.

Why is the Program Effective?

For many years, people often wondered just how effective any 12 Step recovery program would be for their healing. Some have criticized the plan, but studies remain to collect data to measure its success or failure rate.

In the past, the scientific communities struggled with how to apply scientific reasoning because the first fellowship of those getting well seemed overly spiritual to record objectively. As a result, many prominent figures in the community remained excessively hostile towards Alcoholics Anonymous and similar groups, thinking of them as little more than worship groups.

However, our understanding of medicine, therapy, and the role of having a support center is clearer, and the number of doctors singing the program’s praises continues to improve. In 1998, researchers created a study, referred to as Project MATCH, to compare several treatment options, stating that AA was the most effective program.

As Project MATCH grew, a sub-study found that social interactions had much to do with patients’ individual success or failure. It wasn’t until scientists objectively studied the influence the 12 Steps had on people’s social circles and behaviors that it was beginning to reveal its full effective nature.

More recent studies have seen a growing number of people entering facilities and subscribing to a 12 Step program even when they don’t currently show signs of addiction. For many, it’s a way of preventing risky behaviors before they develop.

Although, every attendee has specific needs, no two people will ever heal the same way. More doctors are suggesting a 12 Step recovery program for more client’s treatment. If you are interested in joining a part of a global community of those seeking healing, then contact us to learn more.

What to Expect from Your Christian Treatment

While exposure to the world of addiction treatment makes for memorable entertainment, television and movies, studios tend to spread more myths and rumors than educating their viewers. Unfortunately, when support groups get shown in a factually incorrect light, it only makes people avoid treatment.

All too often, Alcoholics Anonymous gets depicted as some form of religious worship groups or sometimes even as a cult. However, people of all faiths and walks of lives come together for healing.

Some may believe that you must spill your darkest secrets out to complete strangers each week. However, you are only expected to share if you feel that you are ready to do so on your own time.

While faith plays a significant role in the healing process for many, praying is not mandatory. It is only asked that you remain respectful to those who do wish to participate in prayer.

Some people who attend meetings aren’t necessarily addicts, but merely wish to learn more about it. Regardless of why you appeared in a meeting, one will see that it is more personable and safe than how it seems in fictional shows and films.

Each milestone in your sobriety gets marked by an earned chip, or token, that signifies your accomplishment. The first way to obtain a chip is by attending your first meeting.

It is also important to remember that getting well is not a race, but a life-long practice with many ups and downs. However, with the support of your group, your sponsor, and your faith, you will overcome your struggle at the appropriate time.

Why Choose Our Christian 12 Step Recovery Program?

It is understandable that you may remain weary of deciding on a Christian treatment facility just yet. However, we will remain the local Christian treatment center that sets you up for success.

Many local centers do not adhere to the state’s recommended group size. They may lack the space but exceeds the holding capacity, which struggles to support what is known to be a reasonable attendance number.

Instead, we keep our groups small to just 16 members per session, which helps facilitate a safer, more welcoming environment, as well as provides you with the individualized attention that you deserve.

Some providers fail to offer individual therapy sessions, or they may administer them without having a certified healthcare professional, but by a paralegal or similar staff member. However, we know how vital it is to heal as a group, as well as by yourself with the right professional help.

We continue to prove that we are not concerned about taking your money. In fact, one of the ways that we differentiate ourselves from other treatment centers is with a lifetime guarantee of free readmittance whenever you feel the need to get more help.

Other centers for healing may not rely heavily on certified professionals, but only a director with an active license. Receive the best care possible with Christian Drug Treatment Rehab.

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