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Drug Addiction Accountability

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We foster an environment where client drug addiction accountability is of the utmost importance. When clients are accountable for their actions and behaviors, healing and change occurs at a rapid rate. Drug Addiction Accountability is one of the most important things an addict can learn.

This does not mean you tell the truth to get out of being in trouble, but rather you tell the truth so you can learn from your mistakes regardless of the consequence. For whatever reasons, a drug addict learns to avoid accountability at all costs. This is why most addicts are stuck emotionally and cognitively at the age they first started to “stunt” their growth from substance use.

Another maladaptive function of those suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction is the concept of immediate gratification. An addict is used to wanting what they want, when they want it, and they want it right now! Sometimes the best word an addict can ever hear is, “NO“! True, they won’t like hearing it but being held responsible is the best thing you could ever do for them.

Our Christian alcohol and drug rehab program provides healthy accountability by:

  • Conducting Frequent Urine Analysis (UA): These are given randomly 3-5 times per week in both our Christian residential inpatient and Christian outpatient treatment programs. Our 32 panel UA results are confirmed by a liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMS) machinery which is currently the most accurate way to conclusively test for any substance detection.
  • Adhering to a Detailed Schedule: This helps our clients learn to follow simple guidelines, develop healthy life skills, and become self dependent. It keeps our clients on task without the ability to isolate or return to old addict behaviors. We use many different methods to help our clients obtain accountability, but mainly do it through the help of gospel teachings, 12-Steps, latest evidence-based research, individual, group and family therapy.
  • Self Directed Write-ups: Our clients learn the value of “telling on themselves” and therefore are encouraged to write themselves up for violating any of the program rules. How often does the addict rely heavily on family, friends, or even therapists to remain sober? This is exactly why clients have a tendency to relapse quickly upon release from a Christian inpatient drug rehab. The client never actually obtained any self-sufficient skills due to having everything provided for them; including the accountability being forced on them instead of helping them learn about the natural consequences their decisions will create. This enabling behavior will continue to exist indefinitely if the client does not learn the importance of holding oneself accountable and being willing to work through the natural consequences that are associated with their addict behaviors.
  • Consequences and Rewards: Our Christian program has a zero tolerance when it comes to recovery. This is due to the severe consequence of incarceration or premature death. Therefore we protect our clients at all costs and do what it takes to foster the best environment required to achieve true healing. This means we will not keep a client in our program if they do not take their treatment serious or consistently break rules. Furthermore, we make sure to always reward our clients for their achievements and good behaviors as a positive reinforcement to validate them for their efforts.

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