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Privacy Policy

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What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Our Utah Christian Drug Rehab Centers value our client’s confidentiality and do everything in our power to protect their privacy. We do this so they can focus entirely on their recovery.

There are a lot of Utah Christian treatment centers out there! So what is a rehabilitation center, or as we like to identify ourselves, a health and rehab center, and what has that got to do with privacy and confidentiality?

When there is alcoholism in the family, with or without alcohol withdrawal symptoms, often families have already been to meetings and maybe even worked the 12 Steps or studied the Big Book. When that fails, or the patient starts showing alcoholic physical symptoms (tremors, jaundice, lack of appetite etc.), families turn to us as the experts…and we are!

Confidentiality is not only the cornerstone of all 12 Step programs, but an essential part of a Utah Christian Rehabilitation Program as well. In all steps of addiction, in all phases, secrecy is key to keeping that addiction alive.

We walk that fine line between “No more secrets” and protecting you and your loved one from the stigma that unfortunately still exists surrounding addictions of any kind. Protecting your privacy is our number one priority. In order to recover, all the secrets you’ve been keeping must be out in the open.

Your family has been helping you keep these secrets which leads to resentments on everyone’s part. We know that these are painful, and often shameful, issues that while happening in the past, can have a profound effect on your current situation and your future life. We are dedicated to providing a safe and secure place for you to unburden yourself and live the life you were meant to live. Disclosing personal issues is never easy, but with our assurances of confidentiality, you will be able to unburden yourself of all the issues that have led to your addictions, as well as put the past once and for all.

You may have heard of HIPPA at your doctor’s office. HIPPA requires that certain legal documents are in place to talk to anyone about your medical care. However, in certain situations HIPPA does allow certain information to be released without a signed consent. We take that a step further because even the federal government realizes that without special protections in place, the stigma of addiction can ruin lives almost as well as the addiction can! The federal government requires us to make sure that anyone we talk to about your case, has to be approved in writing, by you. Otherwise we can’t tell anyone, not even your family, that you are receiving services from us.

This allows you and your family to relax and feel free to be able to tell your therapist and medical provider all the details of your addiction and issues without fear that your personal information does not get released. Even your insurance company will only know you are in our program, not what you disclose while in our program.

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