Christian Rehab Small Group Sizes

Our Christian residential or Inpatient 12 step program provides a safe environment with a strong therapeutic support community for those who are severely struggling with addiction. Inpatient 12 step Christian program clients are able to focus on their recovery by having complete physical separation from their drug of choice, unhealthy relationships, or uncontrolled stressors that lead to persistent abuse of drugs or alcohol.

Our Christian Drug Rehab Center allows only 16 inpatient clients and 12 outpatient clients per group at any given time. This means more specialized and individual Christian treatment. Small group sizes prevent members from getting lost in the crowd, receiving minimal individual therapy sessions, or having to compete for time in group therapy.

Another amazing benefit from our small group sizes (that makes us one of the best Christian residential treatment centers) is our ability to explore recovery in all of its realms. It is extremely imperative all aspects of recovery are addressed (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual) and not just entirely on sobriety which unfortunately happens more often than not. This means we have the luxury of providing activities like: volunteering to give back to society, going on outings, weekly church attendance if desired or even overnight retreats on the drop of a dime. We feel that it is crucial to exhaust all possible efforts to help the client feel comfortable enough to open up and disclose their personal trauma. This cannot always be done in a large group setting.

Do not be fooled by the other Christian drug rehab treatment centers that specialize in addiction. They will attempt to share with you that group size does not really matter, or that your healing is not based on the amount of people you share your intimate parts of your life with. Well simply put, how enjoyable does it sound to you to share a room for 90 days with three (3) other people as well as to constantly wait for your turn to share in group with some of the problems you are experiencing?

Not very fun is it? We believe the solution is simple. Do not be greedy and try to pack as many addicts into one house like a can of sardines! Treating the disease of addiction is a very delicate matter. Life or death even. So when it comes to helping all those that are suffering from the affliction of addiction, we are extremely pumped up and ready to roll up our sleeves and help.

One solution to make the transition into our residential inpatient stay more meaningful and serene is by providing small group sizes. This is a very important part of Christian treatment and seems to be very effective for most all addicts in early recovery. However, we are also aware that as much as we do not want to admit it, our Christian Recovery Center is not a one size fits all drug and alcohol rehab facility.

What we mean by this is simple. Sometimes the small and intimate group setting is too easy for your larger than life addiction. This means your horrific addict behaviors (your disease) might try to run rampant due to the constant quiet and peaceful environment setting. As crazy as this sounds, we have seen it happen a few times where we decided it was in the best interest of the client to transfer them to a Christian drug rehab that had a larger group setting (18-32 clients). The end result for the client we last did this with ended up really good! He was able to have his atrocious behaviors brought to his attention more often and he eventually got clean and sober and recently married and is living a life happily alcohol and drug free!

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