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Substance Abuse Stages of Change

The cycles of change developed by Prochaska and DiClemente shows the many stages an addict will cycle through at any given time when attempting to achieve sobriety from substance abuse. True and enduring recovery finally occurs when the addict understands what it takes to remain in the “Maintenance Stage”. Unfortunately, substance abuse relapse often occurs along the way but does not mean that hope is lost. If an addict falls into the “Relapse Stage”, they must immediately jump back into the “Maintenance Stage” by using all of the newfound skills and tools received from their treatment experience.

The various stages of change when brought together like the above diagram are in fact an iterative model to help you understand that substance abuse addiction recovery is a process and not a one time deal. As bold as a claim as that is, we stand behind that. We truly believe that a true addict (not a drug abuser) is unable to stop on their own and usually never is able to. Especially on their first try having no acquired coping skills as well as having the disease of addiction taking full control over their mind, body and soul.

As you may have noticed, the diagram does not show an end to the cycle of change which illustrates that an addict’s recovery process is ongoing. This diagram helps each client at our Christian Recovery Center to visually understand the journey they are making while in substance abuse treatment. It helps clients who feel discouraged about their failure or lack of progress by showing them how far they have come since attending treatment.

This does not mean that you are doomed if you are indeed addicted to drugs and alcohol. We are merely shedding some much needed light upon the subject so that you have a better understanding as to why there are so many that relapse and seem to repeatedly fail at their previous residential Christian treatment center episodes. This does not entirely go to blame to the various substance abuse rehab centers. It is more of a matter of not understanding what addiction is and how best to treat it.

One aspect that is almost always neglected is the spiritual or things that relate to the soul. When you incorporate the healing power of the Lord’s Atonement, you have tapped into a source with infinite possibilities. That is why we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee. If God is with you, then who can stop you?

That is why we are masterful at combining evidence based research with the power of God. It is a win win solution that makes the outcome favorable for everyone involved. When the deepest and darkest issues of your life have been resolved and you have learned to love and forgive yourself and others, that is real substance abuse recovery.

Our Christian Recovery Center is prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure the addict’s life is of the utmost priority by offering a lifetime guarantee as a tune-up to help the client re-learn the basic skills and tools needed to once again maintain their addiction with healthy and appropriate coping skills. 385-207-2029