Recreation and Experiential Christian Addiction Therapy

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In order to obtain a full opportunity to learn, grow, and eventually recover, it is imperative clients engage in diverse activities that take place outside of the facility. Such activities are better known as Experiential Addiction Therapy or Recreational Addiction Therapy provide an alternative method to reach the client’s needs in a unique and special way.

Recreational Addiction Therapy provides amazing opportunities to conduct a therapeutic session where each client is able to participate in new and diverse activities feeling more natural and safe to voice their emotions and opinions. Recreational Addiction Therapy also provides each client with an opportunity to customize their Christian treatment by coming up with new ways or activities in which a therapy session can be conducted. There really is no more of an exciting way to address your personal addiction.

Going outside on a regular basis is a very important aspect of recreational addiction therapy. Nobody likes to feel cooped up and trapped in a home full of many other addicts who are all in complete inner turmoil facing their personal demons. Nature is very therapeutic indeed and has the capability to help anyone feel strength and hope who has once lost that. Sure, you can heal effectively in a group room, but nothing compares to the great outdoors!

Having said that, now imagine incorporating a master level’s therapist into the mix. Take for instance a nature hike in the beautiful and majestic Wasatch mountain range. Making it to the summit and stopping not only to eat lunch or to enjoy a few snacks (as well as to take a breather and soak up some rocky mountain high). After some brief convalescing, now I want you to picture yourself sitting in a circle or in separate sacred spot meditating alone or being guided by the therapist for insight.

Not only being able to find peace and tranquility in the serene outdoors, you have the amazing opportunity to process your inner thoughts and feelings in an environment like none else. Furthermore, just think – no need to close your eyes and imagine the cool breeze on your face, or to hear the wind rustle through the leaves. Don’t forget the suns loving and warming heat blaring down on you as all these amazing senses are occurring in a way only mother nature can provide.

The amount of opportunities of various activities are endless. We provide you access to outdoor fun and adventure. Our Christian Recovery Center takes full advantage of having such an amazing wilderness in its own back yard. We are able to go out and enjoy it almost on a daily basis. This is especially easy to do at any moments notice due to our small group size.

At our Christian Drug Rehab Centers, we value the work ethic that our clients display and believe it is important they are rewarded for their hard work. Our small group sizes and gender specific residential program enables us to plan extravagant recreational addiction therapy activities that every client looks forward to. Such activities include mountain retreats, outdoor recreation, sport recreation, music and drumming, volunteering, and other activities chosen by the clients.

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