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The path to a life long recovery for you or a loved one is within reach. Do not delay happiness any longer. Get started today by filling out our contact form or by calling 385-207-2029 to speak with our Christian rehab professional staff who are able to discuss funding options or to walk you through our quick and easy admissions process.

Funding Options

The costs of a Christian rehab treatment can be overwhelming and most often are unexpected. Unfortunately, these costs are the reason many individuals are deprived of quality treatment they deserve. At our Christian Recovery Center, we understand and have multiple options when it comes to funding Christian treatment. Call now and discover what option is right for you.

Insurance Coverage

Did you know that your private health insurance will often cover your costs for Christian Rehab? We are experts when it comes to working with insurance companies and are committed to ensuring that you receive the maximum benefit your insurance provider offers. Our admission specialists can quickly discover how much of your treatment will be covered. Call now to receive a free verification of your insurance benefits today.

Payment Plans

Our Christian Drug Rehab Center is here to help by offering affordable Christian treatment with flexible payments plans. We offer multiple options so you can finance your treatment episode. Our admissions specialists are ready to sit down with you and discuss all possible options. Do not let funding issues get in the way of our Christian Rehab Center for you or a loved one. Call today to see what payment plan will work best for you.


Our Christian Recovery Center is eager to assist those who are in desperate need of treatment yet lack the necessary funds. We provide help in the form of scholarships; however it has been our experience that most clients who are admitted into our program completely free of charge do not last more than 2-3 weeks. That said, we offer scholarships by either discounting monthly rates or by offering additional days of treatment free of charge for those who qualify.

Whatever your financial needs are, we are positive we can meet your personal needs. Do not think that you cannot come to our amazing and professional Christian rehab center based solely on your ability to afford treatment. We will do our best to help you secure the necessary finances through multiple resources.

Coming to a Christian alcohol treatment center is one of the best decisions you could ever make for yourself or a loved one. It is also one of the most important as well. You ever heard the term that you get what you pay for? Well there is no exception to that rule when it comes to alleviating your Christian alcohol or drug addiction symptoms.

Do not go to the first or cheapest Christian treatment center based on price alone. Make sure to do your homework by speaking to multiple facilities as well as scheduling multiple tours. We also developed a questionnaire to help you with this. If you have met with us and do not feel that we are the best drug & alcohol Christian Rehab facility for your personal needs, do not worry. We would love nothing more than to help you finally heal from a life threatening substance abuse addiction. We have many close relationships with facilities that are equally capable of helping you heal. Let us help you negotiate the best possible price available.

When you call our Christian Alcohol Treatment Center not only will you get a lot of information concerning insurances, scholarships and other financial concerns that come with entering into treatment, but you will also get a live human being on the other end of the phone who is committed to helping you whether you come to our facility or not. How many “rehabs” can say the same? How many times have you called a “Christian rehab” and once they found out your insurance would not cover their program you were offered three phone numbers and a “good luck”?

At our Christian Rehab, we would never brush you off because your insurance may not cover our program! In fact, we will make sure that any program we refer you too will absolutely be a good fit for you! We have several programs that we work very closely with and that we trust 100% to take our referrals and give them the best treatment they have!

Also, when you call us, the first thing you will notice is someone on the end of the phone who not only knows the ins and outs of financing programs, but who really “knows their stuff” when it comes to addiction. We know that we are not the first you have called. We know that making the decision to enter into Christian treatment, especially inpatient, is hard and that you have stopped and called programs many times before you realize that this is the time. It’s now or never!

When you talk to our admissions staff, you may be told that based upon what you are saying, an inpatient program may not be the best for you. Maybe you’ll be told that medication management or Intensive or General outpatient would allow you to keep your job and your place to live so that getting better does not leave you bankrupt or homeless! Maybe you do need inpatient treatment but maybe you need a shorter stay with a medical detox. There are a number of scenarios that may work for you and your situation.

Our Christian Addiction Treatment Center, we are not all about getting your money no matter what it will cost you. We are about getting you healed and helping you get on with your life!

We are also not a “bait and switch” website with a phone number showing you our wonderful Christian Outpatient treatment program only to be told that based on a three-minute phone call it is crucial you get into our inpatient facility. There are several places on the internet like that.

With our Christian Recovery Center, we really do have both Inpatient and Outpatient programs! We feel that programs who resort to this tactic are also “cookie-cutter” programs where everyone follows the same tired path to recovery. Where all the treatment plans look the same and all the programming is lock-step with everyone doing the same exact things at the exact same time. Not only is this a waste of your money and time, but we feel this type of program is dangerous.

We Work With All Major Insurances!