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What To Bring To Our Christian Drug Rehab

What To Bring To Our Christian Drug Rehab

Our Christian Drug Rehab wants to ensure you have the most amazing experience at our state of the art Christian Addiction Centers program. Part of implementing such a process involves fostering a safe and happy environment where the disease of addiction is contained in order to create the best possible outcome.

One way our Christian drug rehab center is able to do this with precision is to not allow certain items or drugs into the facility. We do not enforce these rules to restrict, but as previously mentioned, we do this to help protect everyone involved. We want all of our clients to be successful in their Christian treatment episode.


Physical exam and/or clearance letter from your Doctor or Physician
Tuberculosis (TB) test stating a negative result
60-90 days worth of non-narcotic prescriptions including over-the-counter medications


Any documentation you may have if you are or recently were involved with the legal system, etc.
Copy of Insurance Card


Two week’s worth of regular clothing
Exercise clothing
Work and service clothing
Church clothing (whatever you consider your best)
Weather appropriate attire (Jacket, beanie, gloves, boots, etc.)


Hygiene Items (Toothbrush, toothpaste, nail clippers, shaving cream, razor, deodorant, etc.)
Shampoo and Conditioner


$15-20/week in cash only
Watch or Alarm Clock
Reading materials
Stamps and Envelopes
30 days worth of nicotine patches or gum

What to Leave Home


All narcotic prescriptions (Opiates, Benzodiazepines, Amphetamines, Ambien, Soma, etc.)
Anything with alcohol in it as an ingredient (NyQuil, Robitussin, mouthwash, cologne, etc.)


Any inappropriate clothing such as degrading, violent, or drug and alcohol related slogans or designs
No “wife beaters” or clothing that displays the abdomen
No pants that allow others to see your underwear


No electronic devices (Ipod, computer, CDs, DVDs, camera, hair and nose clippers, and cell phones, etc.)
No energy drinks (Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, etc.)
No weapons of any kind

Call if you need further clarification or have any questions.

You may be wondering why on earth our Christian Drug Rehab would restrict hair clippers or energy drinks! These don’t seem like a big deal and they certainly are not dangerous as a prescription of opiates, or a pocket knife would be! And why can’t you bring your favorite t-shirt of your favorite band? It’s not violent or vulgar.

Only one guy is holding a beer can that you can hardly see! After all, you are going to have to live in the real world when you get out aren’t you? Why hide things from people now? All of our patients all used drugs and alcohol and it sure was not from wearing a certain t-shirt!

Here at our Christian Recovery Center we believe that in order to re-map, heal and change the way your brain has come to look at drugs, alcohol, tobacco and medications we need to remap, heal and change the whole brain, not just a part. That innocent t-shirt did not cause you to use drugs or alcohol. But, when you put that shirt on, how do you feel?

What memories and emotions are linked in your brain to that t-shirt? Is this the shirt you wore when you got high the first time? Were you with a certain girl or group of people that evokes a pleasurable feeling in your brain linking pleasure, love, sex and drugs and alcohol?

Can you see where it will be that much harder to un-link pleasure from getting high if we constantly remind our brain how pleasurable it was? In order to give you the best possible outcome while in Christian treatment, we need to give your brain a fighting chance to use logic, reason and re-mapping those neural pathways that make it seem like getting high is not only pleasurable, it is a matter of life and death!

If you were to wear a white, button down shirt and a pair of slacks, your brain might immediately turn to memories of church, or work, or a wedding. Maybe even your wedding! There will be pleasurable memories in with the un-pleasurable memories but they won’t be immediately linked to getting high.

When we ask you to not bring electronics there are the typical reasons of we do not want any recording devices, no camera devices, no possibility to call someone and have drugs brought into our Christian drug rehab facility. We also restrict items that could change the way you look in an extreme way, such as nose or hair clippers. Not only are these still attachments to the “lifestyle” but, just like certain clothing or music, they way you look is linked to certain memories.

Energy drinks are actually mood-altering and as such are not allowed in any form. Between the extreme high caffeine and sugar and the herbal amphetamines including: guaranine, Carnitine, Cathinone, blackbrush, SAME (S-adenosyl-L-methionine), and Choline or DMAE to name just a few. It is not impossible to overdose on energy drinks and at high amounts have produced the same effects as methamphetamine.