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If you suffer from any form of addiction, it is now possible to recover fully and enjoy a more fulfilling life. But for anyone who has suffered drug and alcohol addiction, this is easier said than done. The number of recovering addicts relapsing after going through an intensive treatment rehab keeps increasing. It seems something is missing from the Christian drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs available. This is where our faith based recovery program comes in. 

Our Christian Recovery & Wellness is an established faith based recovery program using a novel approach to addiction treatment. We offer a holistic, faith-based approach to Christian drug and alcohol treatment through proven treatments combined with the healing power of biblical teachings. From our experience in this field, we appreciate that addiction recovery is one of the toughest journeys an individual can make in life, and that’s why we bring in the element of spirituality into our program.  

We have built our organization on a solid foundation of scientific research, Christian values and a commitment to help this community. If you seek to find the best faith based treatment facility to start your addiction recovery or you someone who can benefit from such treatment, we welcome you to learn more about our Christian recovery center. 

Our Christian Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Brief 

We always encourage families to do a thorough background check on any facility they wish to use for their loved one. For this reason, we welcome you to learn more about our state of the art faith based recovery program where we have implemented science (evidenced based methods such as but not limited to: neurofeedback, sensory room, bio sound and EMDR) with the healing power of God. At our Christian Recovery & Wellness, we are family and when you join us, you naturally become part of this close-knit family. Our faith based rehab program boasts a team of highly experienced and talented individuals whose primary goal is to help each client regain control of their lives. Our foundation is in Christian teachings; this helps us to welcome everyone who needs to get well, and we work tirelessly to help them along this path.

Like any faith based drug rehab and alcohol Christian treatment center, we employ evidence-based treatments in our rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addicts. However, we think you’ll find that we stand head and shoulders above other rehab facilities. Owing to our experience in the field, we appreciate that most addicts relapse because they suffer from disconnection or an inner emptiness. This void precipitates fear and a sense of disorientation or isolation, which inevitably leads to relapse. We also know many addicts have no family links and if they leave our facility, there are high chances of relapse.

This is where our faith based approach to addiction recovery comes in. While most Christian drug rehab and alcohol treatment centers focus on sobriety, we go a little further to guarantee full recovery. We introduce biblical teachings into our therapy sessions to give hope to our patients. We know the journey to recovery is a tough one fraught with risks, but when armed with faith, our clients can face anything life throws at them. Ours is a holistic approach that not only helps our patients regain sobriety but helps the individual grow. 

By helping patients work on their relationship with themselves and God, we give them ammunition to fight new battles in life. They leave our recovery center with a new perspective on life. Instead of the defeated and broken addict who walked through our doors, our faith based recovery program seeks to mold a bold and courageous individual who can also mentor others. 

We consistently review our program to assess its success and so far, we are proud to report incredible results. It is for this reason that we offer a total guarantee to our clients. By combining traditional Christian drug and alcohol treatment and Christian teachings, we have impacted many lives, and this is where we derive our joy and sense of purpose. Our mission is to promote happy families; when we help one individual recover fully, we know this goes a long way in fulfilling this mission. 

How We Achieve our Christian Alcohol Treatment Goals 

We have distinguished ourselves from other Christian recovery centers through creative faith based activities. These account for our high rate of success in achieving full recovery. Some of our distinguishing features and strategies include:

  • Christ-centered sober residential community
  • Faith-based support for our patients
  • Group prayer and religious studies
  • Exclusive, serene and calming peaceful environment for successful recovery
  • Professional religious counseling for alcoholism
  • Religious teachings and principles
  • Christian-based outpatient care
  • Christian mentorship 
  • Introduction to the healing power of Christ’s love 
  • Motivational talks based on biblical teachings 
  • 12-step treatment approach 

By combining these faith-based strategies with evidence-based treatment for drugs and alcohol, we can achieve better outcomes. Most of the people who go through our faith based recovery program also end up joining our mentorship program. They come back to motivate and mentor persons struggling with addiction,and this is one of the highlights of our program. We strive to give hope and empower patients; this way they can overcome temptations when they go back to the world. 

If you have tried other Christian drug or alcohol treatment programs with no success, we invite you to try our faith based approach to recovery. The strong relationships formed between patients here and their counselors form the basis of our success and we would like you to experience the same. Whatever your background, we have the expertise and experience to help you. We don’t only rely on medicine but also a higher power. We are firm believers in second chances.

Why Try our Christian Recovery Center? 

We appreciate that by the time you seek help, you are at the end of your tether. However, this is all the more reason to come to us, because we are ready to welcome you with open hands. Our experienced staff running our faith based rehab program believes you can change and everyone works hard to help you. Some of the reasons you should try our fresh approach to Christian drug and alcohol treatment include:

  1. Personalized Approach To Christian Treatment

We appreciate that everyone has unique problems leading to addiction and for this reason, we offer tailored Christian drug and alcohol treatment. We have highly trained clinicians who carry out a thorough assessment of your addiction before recommending a treatment plan. A personalized approach has a higher success rate because you can comfortably share issues with your counselor before proceeding to the small group therapy sessions.

  1. Welcoming Christian Family

There is something peaceful and calming in a religious institution. When you come to our Christian alcohol treatment center, this the environment we seek to provide, and we have discovered it works well. Our staff consists of Christians, most of whom have also gone through tough situations in life. We thus have a non-judgmental environment where everyone fits in comfortably. However dark your past is, you will feel at home here. 

  1. Small Group Therapy 

Sharing is a crucial process in addiction treatment. However, we also appreciate that most addicts are not comfortable participating in large groups. Our counselors thus supervise small groups which are easily manageable and more productive. Our faith based recovery program has integrated small group sessions both for spiritual and medical reasons.

  1. Fun Outdoor Activities 

Our Christian recovery center offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities. We appreciate how the whole experience of being in a residential facility can get to your nerves, especially when recovering from addiction. For this reason, we have included interesting activities for our patients to help unwind and reinvigorate both body and mind. 

  1. Exceptional Staff 

One of the most common pieces of feedback we get from clients and their families is about our staff. We have invested heavily in highly qualified clinicians. To provide a solid foundation of our faith based rehab program, we work with Christians who appreciate the importance of love in addiction recovery. Our team has made us proud and we welcome you to experience what they can do for you or a loved one.

  1. Flexible Payment

Most families would like to get help for their loved ones, but many are dismayed to find that addiction treatment is not cheap. This is something we recognized right from the beginning, and to resolve it we came up with custom payment options. While we need funds to run the program, we would never want to shut out people who want to get better. If you want to enjoy our faith based recovery program but you don’t have enough money, talk to us and we will come up with a personalized payment structure.  Don’t let finances hinder your recovery. Call us today and let’s figure out how we can help. 

  1. Versatile Christian Treatment Options 

At our Christian Drug and Alcohol Center, we have gone a step further to provide a wide range of treatment options for our patients. In addition to personal therapy, we also have family therapy to give motivation to recovering addicts. By bringing in the family, we can resolve some underlying problems and create a better foundation for full recovery. 

If you or a loved one needs help with any form of addiction, don’t hesitate to talk to us. We would like to welcome you to join our happy family as we walk this difficult journey together. We have the expertise and resources to help you regain total control over your life. 

How Our Christian 12-Step Treatment Approach Can Help 

To increase the chances of success in every case we handle, we have integrated the 12 Step addiction recovery approach to our program. This is one of the most effective strategies used in drugs and alcohol recovery and we have fused it into our faith based rehab program with amazing results. The 12 Steps were developed in the 1930s by Bill Wilson and Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith. They remain relevant today and this is why they form the basis of our Christian drugs and alcohol treatment program.

In summary, the 12 steps start with an admission of the problem. It is not an easy thing to do but we use Christian teachings to urge addicts about the importance of accepting failure. Once they do this, it is easier to move to the next step which is an acceptance of a higher power who can help them. It is easy for most people to accept God’s power because they grew up in religious families. 

The addict next must carry out a fearless moral inventory of ourselves and accept they have erred through addiction, seek forgiveness from God and those they have hurt and continually make a personal inventory as they continue recovery. Through prayer and meditation, addicts in our program also get power to carry on with the journey. 

In our Christian alcohol treatment program, it is even easier to incorporate the 12 steps because the addict is now familiar with biblical teachings.  The basic principles behind these steps are honesty, hope, faith, courage, integrity, willingness to change, humility, discipline, knowledge and awareness, service and gratitude.  

Types of Christian Recovery Programs 

It is important to evaluate different types of Christian drug and alcohol treatment options available before making your choice. The most common include:

  • Inpatient/residential treatment: These use the 12 step approach and a patient stays at a recovery center for close monitoring. There are different activities, evidence-based clinical treatments, and group sessions carried out in the course of the program.
  • Faith based recovery program:  This is a short-term residential alcohol treatment program where science-based treatment works together with religious teachings for a long-lasting impact. At our Christian Rehab, we believe this is a more effective approach because we give our patients something to hold on when the going gets tough out there. By reconnecting with God, an patient has a helping hand to more easily fight off temptations, and go on to become a mentor to others.

Choosing the Best Christian Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program 

Before you make the important choice of which Christian Drug Rehab or Christian alcohol treatment center you wish to use, consider these factors:

  1. Accreditation/Licensing: Look for accreditation by National accreditation programs such as the National Committee for Quality Assurance, CARF among others. 
  2. Qualifications of the staff: Go for a facility with highly qualified clinical staff with credentials such as LPC (licensed professional counselor), LADC (licensed alcohol and drug counselor) or CAC (certified addictions counselor), or CCDP (certified co-occurring disorders counselor).
  3. Reputation: Read reviews and do your research to identify the best recovery center in the area.
  4. Comprehensive treatment: Look for a facility that offers comprehensive treatment including medical assessment, detoxification, addiction treatment (inpatient/outpatient) and follow-up/aftercare. 
  5. Quality of care/facility: Assess the environment and quality of care before choosing any addiction recovery program.

We appreciate that addiction recovery is tough. That’s why we have highly qualified clinicians to run our faith based recovery program. The Joint Commission duly accredits our facility and we are set in a beautiful, serene setting. 

We welcome you to experience life-changing Christian drug and alcohol treatment at our facility. 385-207-2029

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