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Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight

As I think about times I have faced fear in my life a number of things come to mind. The fear I had the first time I pointed my skis down a snow covered hill, fear I felt standing on top of a red covered cliff above the water just before jumping, the fear I had as I walked up to ask a beautiful girl to dance, and the fear I had as I drove my first son home from the hospital.

There are many fears we face in life on a daily basis. Fear is something that most people dread. The feeling that comes over our whole body that makes the hair on our neck stand and a lump in our throat form, is something that most people want to run from. It is even something that is programed into our body to save us from danger and teaches us to fight or flight. There are many aspects of fear both good and bad. I believe fear is natures way to call us into action (fight or flight). It’s up to us how we react to fear.

Do we face our fears (fight) or do we run from them (flight)? Fear can paralyze our progress or it can accelerate it depending on what we chose to do with it. If I would have never pointed my skis down the hill, I wouldn’t enjoy the exhilarating feeling of racing down a snow covered hill. If I would have never jumped off the red covered cliff into the water, I would have never felt the thrill of flying through the air before landing safely in the water. If I never asked that beautiful girl to dance, I would never have known the joy and excitement she brought into my life. If I was too scared to drive my son home from the hospital, I would have never felt the blessings of fatherhood and the joy from seeing his smile everyday.

If you have felt natures call to action whether it be fear to stop an addiction, fear of living your dreams, fear to start that business, fear of money, fear of making a better life for yourself, or fear of the unknown. Whatever it may be have the strength, courage, and confidence to look fear in the face and FIGHT! Don’t run from your fear. Embrace it and let it accelerate your progress. Don’t miss the chance to race down that hill or jump off that cliff. Behind the fear you face are some of the greatest moments you may ever experience just waiting for you. By facing your fear you can learn what it really means to live and be all the better for it.




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