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6 Things Your Loved One Needs to Hear During The Christian Addiction Treatment & Recovery Process

6 Things Your Loved One Needs to Hear During The Christian Addiction Treatment & Recovery Process

Drug Rehab - Helping a Loved OneUnderstanding and supporting a loved one’s battle with addiction and path through a Christian treatment & rehab can be a difficult task. As much as you would like to relate, it’s simply impossible to feel the full gravity of their situation if you yourself have not battled addiction. Although at times it may seem like your support efforts are unwanted and ineffective, they mean more than you’d ever know.

If you’re a supporter who is lost in your attempts to show compassion and facilitate the recovery process, you’re not alone. This is something that proves difficult for almost every supporter. While every situation will require its own unique attention, there are several commonalities that can be identified in most Christian drug rehab and recovery cases. These include phrases and words of support and kindness that move and motivate addiction sufferers toward a brighter future. Keep reading for a list of 6 things your loved one needs to hear during their battle with addiction.

  1. You’re Forgiven
    One of the most difficult initial steps in recovery is achieving self-forgiveness. Your loved one will be struggling to find self-forgiveness for the things they said or did while under the influence. Letting them know that you understand the circumstances and forgive them will help them find forgiveness for themselves.
  2. You’re Capable
    Confidence in their ability to achieve sobriety acts as a significant aid in your loved one’s journey. Reminding them that they are in fact capable of a happy, sober life is critical.
  3. You’re Loved
    You’re showing your support by writing and visiting when possible, but a gentle reminder of all of the loved ones who send their best wishes helps motivate a patient’s journey as well. When they understand that others are routing for them, they feel more desire to accomplish their goal of sober living.
  4. You’re on the Right Track
    Your loved one may feel lost even though they’re currently seeking addiction Christian treatment. This is where it becomes important for you to remind them that they’re on the right track. They’re doing what they need to do to get better, and can pick up on achieving other goals once they’ve reached a point of sobriety.
  5. You Have Help
    Reaching out for help is difficult for most people. This is why it is important that you extend your offer for help on a consistent basis. Although it may be refused a time or two, your efforts will make it easier for them to reach out when they feel comfortable.
  6. You’re Worth it
    The future can seem so distant on the journey to sober living. Reminding your loved one that their future is worth working for is important. They may not realize their potential on the other side of recovery. Discussing potential aspirations and possible accomplishments will help them see the worth in working toward a brighter future.

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