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What is Christian Family Therapy?

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What is Christian Family Therapy?

Our Christian Recovery Center firmly believes that as the family attends our family program and begins to heal, so too will the addict. This is due to the family’s newly learned ability to set and hold boundaries, which will hold their loved one accountable on a regular basis. We also understand that the effects of addiction can be felt by all family members and they alone cannot always help their loved one fully recover from their drug or alcohol addiction. We are here to help by providing private family therapy sessions on a weekly basis so that your family can grow and progress together. Family therapy is available for both residential inpatient and outpatient Christian treatment programs.

The goal of family therapy is to help family members improve communication, solve family problems, create a better functioning home environment, and understand how to handle special situations such
as: substance abuse, death, divorce, abuse, and serious physical or mental illness or trauma. Other profound benefits of family therapy include educating family members about their loved one’s illness, and providing them the necessary skills and tools to better handle and resolve the problems associated with caring for their addicted family member.

Each family therapy session is conducted in a private setting by a therapist or team of therapists who are trained and experienced in family and group therapy techniques. Our therapists can model new behaviors for the family through their interactions with each other during a session. In our family program, therapists seek to analyze the process of family interaction and communication as a whole and do not take sides with the client or their specific family members. 385-207-2029


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