Faith Based Rehab

Are You Searching For A Faith Based Rehab Facility?

What has brought you here, to our website? You may find yourself in the brutal, unforgiving cycle of drug or alcohol addiction. Perhaps you’re reading this page because you have tried other methods of Christian treatment and you are desperate for a real, promising path to recovery—a faith based rehab facility program, perhaps. Or maybe you’re desperately searching for answers for a friend or family member who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. You would do anything to help this person break free from their addiction. We are so glad you have found us! We provide our patients a faith based rehab treatment program that offers patients what other Christian drug rehab centers simply don’t: a comprehensive, evidence-based, God-centered Christian addiction treatment program that guarantees—yes, guarantees!—real, lasting results.

Healing Begins with God

At Our Christian Drug Rehab Centers, we deeply, unapologetically believe in the healing power of God. We believe that God loves each one of us completely, and we believe that He refuses to give up on us. We bring this core belief to our methods and practices in treatment with our patients. God does not give up on our patients, and neither do we. We celebrate that God universally loves and cherishes each of His children, without exception. This includes you—yes, you. God loves you wholly and completely. There is nothing He won’t do to bring you closer to Him. At our faith based rehab program, we value each of our patients the same way God values all of us—as precious, priceless children of God. We are all worth rescuing. You are worth rescuing.

God-Centered Christian Treatment

Our faith based rehab Christian treatment center is anchored in a firm belief in God. Our clients’ belief in God is certainly not a requirement for them to receive services through our facility. Often, drugs or alcohol takes the place of God in the life of a person who is struggling with addiction. Our hope is to reveal to our clients the overwhelming love of God, and the healing that comes handing our burdens—our addictions—over to Him. We do not need to carry the weight alone.

Set Apart From Other Faith-Based Program

In your journey to find a faith based rehab program that fits the needs of you or your loved one, you will find that faith-based rehab programs present themselves in a variety of different ways. Some facilities emphasize a spirituality that is not based in the Judeo-Christian faith tradition. Other facilities have a loose, non-specific definition of spirituality that could include practically any form of belief in any form of the divine—including no belief at all. We are different from these other rehab programs because we give definition to the divinity at the foundation of our faith based rehab program. This divinity is God. Our patients need not believe in this God, or in any god at all, to seek Christian treatment with us. We are unapologetic about our firm faith in the healing power of God, and we are unquestionably welcoming of people on every point of the faith spectrum, without exception. We believe that, though not all people believe in God, God believes in all of us.

A Tried and True 12-Step Program

Our faith based rehab treatment employs a 12-step program that is tried and true for so many recovering addicts across the country. Faith in God—dependence on God—is an inextricable component to this program. We firmly believe that the success so many recovering addicts have found through the 12-step program is due to the ever-present love and healing of God. We help our patients realize that there is relief—there is life!—in relying on God and not on their addiction.

Handing Over Our Trauma

We understand that consuming addictive substances like drugs and alcohol can seem like a viable coping mechanism for dealing with the pain and the hurt—the trauma—of the weight of the world in which we live. We understand that, for many of our patients, the real trauma of their pasts and presents can truly feel insurmountable. There can often feel like no alternative salve for the daily sting of the trauma they have experienced and continue to experience. Friends, our God is so much greater than our trauma, than our addictions. By helping our patients to recognize that they are deeply loved by One who is so much grander than we are, they can begin to shift the focus of their lives from coping through addiction to thriving through their Creator. Our faith based rehab facility is a Trauma Informed agency, meaning we provide Master’s level clinicians who are trained in treating patients with a history of trauma. Our patients discover that there is another way—a better, constructive, restorative, evidence-based path to recovery, to addressing the trauma they have experienced and the addiction they have tried to use to self-treat.

Embracing Evidence-Based Treatment

Those who are seeking a faith-based rehab program may assume that all faith-based programs are created equally. All programs are, in fact, not all created equally. Our faith based rehab facility program centers on the healing power of God, but this is not to the exclusion of evidence-based, scientifically backed medical treatment. We believe that medicine and science are within the sphere of God’s creation, and we believe in the healing that God provides through medical science. Individuals who are seeking faith-based treatment should be encouraged to dig more deeply into the treatment methods our clinicians employ, to ensure they will receive spiritually holistic guidance and evidence-based, medically sound Christian treatment.

Judgment-Free Treatment

Addiction is a disease. Addiction is not a moral failing; it is a medical condition. Individuals who are considering seeking care through our faith based rehab program can be assured that there is no judgment awaiting them within our doors. Addiction is a complex medical illness that requires extensive, intensive, multifaceted treatment, none of which includes shaming the patient for their addiction. We believe that, through evidence-based practices and the healing power of God, this disease of addiction can be effectively treated.

Individualized Christian Treatment To Fit Our Patients

Our faith based rehab program is run with the firm acknowledgment that God has created each of us to be uniquely ourselves. As such, not every treatment method will work with every patient. Our rehab program offers both inpatient and outpatient options of treatment, depending on each individual patient’s needs. We work exclusively in a small-group setting, so patients can benefit from the fellowship of other patients, while also receiving quality, individualized care. Each of our patients has value. Not one of our patients will ever feel as though they have gotten lost in the crowd. Our clinicians take great care to treat each patient, meeting every person where they are, treating their conditions with the personalized care each person deserves. Our outpatient program is tailored to meet the needs of each patient, ranging in intensity and number of days per week the patient receives care. Our faith-based rehab program is not a one size fits all approach to addiction care.

Healing Your Whole Self

Addiction does not merely affect the health of a person’s physical body. Addiction devastates a person’s whole self, leaving no aspect of their lives intact. We focus on holistic healing for our patients, providing these individuals with the opportunity to reconnect with God in whatever way that looks for each patient, and to allowing Him to bring healing to every part of themselves, free of distraction or temptation from the world around them. We believe that our bodies are temples that we use to worship God and to fulfill our purpose on this earth. Our faith based rehab includes Christian inpatient treatment that provides patients with the opportunity to learn (or relearn) how to lead a healthy life. A healthy life includes the types of foods we put into our bodies, and the foods and other substances that we avoid. A healthy life also includes physical activity and personal fitness, which we intensively explore in our program. We also believe that our mental and emotional health is a gift from God and requires attention and care, just as our physical health does. We help our patients learn and practice healthy coping mechanisms and self-care habits that will equip our patients for a better future in recovery. Our inpatient rehab program also addresses the social health of our patients. Oftentimes, addiction can destroy the social structure of a person’s life. They lose the comfort and support of the people closest to them, they are unable to maintain a job, they find it hard to manage their emotions. Our inpatient program addresses these and other skills to better prepare our patients for success in recovery. Finally, we focus our patients’ attention on their spiritual health. Addiction can take the place of God in a person’s life. Instead of praying, meditating, or worshiping, people can turn to addictive substances to try to manage the pain in their lives. In our inpatient program, we work with our patients to rediscover their purpose on earth, and to begin a spiritual journey toward connection and communion with God.

Continuing Care After Rehab

Our faith based rehab facility provides a comprehensive inpatient program with 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program options. We set ourselves apart from other inpatient treatment programs by limiting our inpatient client capacity to 16 patients at a time. During our patients’ stay in our inpatient program, they will experience opportunities to begin to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. We understand that healing needs to occur in not just one area of a patient’s life, but in many, in order to help the patient break free from addiction and begin true, lasting recovery. Unlike many other treatment programs, we understand that healing isn’t complete once the inpatient treatment period ends. Every person who is recovering from addiction requires ongoing outpatient care beyond inpatient treatment. We provide continuing care to our patients, to ensure the best possible outcomes for recovery.

Providing Treatment for Families

Addiction is not an individual burden. It impacts and often destroys entire families. Family members often develop their own unhealthy ways to cope with the addiction of a loved one, and we frequently find that family members can fall into a cycle of codependent behavior as a result. We firmly believe that God values the family unit, that He is deeply saddened when a family is struggling with a crisis or breaks apart for any reason. As such, we are committed to treating not just our patients but also their immediate families, at no additional cost. As our patients break free of their addiction and learn to thrive in a life of recovery, their families get to learn a set of skills to help them also thrive in this new life with their loved one.

Embracing The Spiritual Struggle

Some people believe that talking about religion is impolite. We wholeheartedly disagree. At our Christian Recovery Program, we do not aim to gingerly tiptoe around the topic of spirituality within our faith-based rehab program. We believe that this crucial element of a person’s recovery belongs squarely in the light of day. Every patient begins Christian treatment at our facility in their own stage of spiritual struggle. If a patient is struggling with their relationship with God, or is struggling even to acknowledge the existence of God, we will meet this struggle head-on. Many people struggling with addiction also struggle with their relationship with God. How can a loving God allow so much pain? How can a God love me just the way I am? We can help our patients explore the underlying reasons for their spiritual struggle, and foster an environment where patients can safely and genuinely engage their spirituality and rediscovery (or new discovery) of a loving God. Our goal is that, through this process of personal, spiritual struggle and discovery, that our patients will emerge on the other side, equipped with the necessary tools and skills to achieve meaningful recovery in a healthy and fulfilling life of sobriety.