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What Causes Addiction

What Causes Addiction

There can be several factors that can influence addiction.  Some people use substances to relieve stress and to help them deal with their feelings. Feelings of hurt, not being good enough, insecurities, and abuse can lead to a person taking the easy way out, by using substances to escape the reality of their feelings. People with depression, anxiety, or any other kind of mental health usually turn to substances to help them feel better. Addiction can also be caused by a dramatic or critical events early in life. In a young adult’s life, addiction could be caused by peer pressure or having other friend’s abuse alcohol and/or drugs and thinking it is a normality.

A habit may eventually turn into an addiction. The habit starts without any significant problems, then may lead a person to experience consequences of their habit or physical effects. By using an addictive substance whether it be anything from nicotine to opiates, it is used to self-medicate.  Using an addictive substance leaves the human brain with an experience of instant gratification which leads to more use. Drug use is also used as an escape, a way for a person to avoid or not feel, for a certain amount of time. It provides a positive reinforcement, a pleasure from the high, and over time their level of tolerance builds up causing a user to need more and more of the addictive substance. It increases levels of dopamine in the brain making a person feel awesome and positive. Because this feeling can be very reassuring, the person wants to repeat that behavior to repeat what they feel. When a person becomes addicted, they cannot control how they use it and they become dependent on the substance. It then turns to a person getting high just to avoid the uncomfortable withdrawals.

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