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Addiction is a highly destructive condition, affecting all who cross its path. Whether you’re the individual struggling to control the use of drugs and/or alcohol, or are simply a family member or friend seeking help for your loved one, you’ve experienced the negative effects of addiction first hand. Fortunately, the light at the end of the tunnel is possible to find with the right help. So where can you find the help you need near your home in Saratoga Springs? Our Christian Recovery Center. As one of the most innovative drug rehab facilities in the nation, our Saratoga Springs Christian Drug Rehab provides holistic healing for clients suffering from addiction and mild to moderate mental illness.

Saratoga Springs is a fast growing community within the great state of Utah. Many amazing amenities are available within an arms reach with much more being developed. Many have found Saratoga Springs to be the place to settle down and raise a family because of it’s close relation to rolling foothills and supreme charter schools, etc.

Unfortunately, Saratoga Springs Utah is in need of accessing the best alcohol Christian treatment centers to address their alcoholism and drug abuse just like any other major city or town. Addiction is no respecter of persons and therefore attacks any age, race, socioeconomic status or demographic in general.

If you would like to learn more in depth information about addiction please click “here“. It is the position of our Saratoga Springs Christian Drug Rehab Center to side with what science constitutes addiction to be, which is a disease. The disease model of addiction has been readily proven time and again.

The easiest way to comprehend addiction as a disease is simple. Ask yourself or a loved one if they ever intentionally planned on hurting someone (especially their children) from their excessive drug use? They will quickly say “NO” they never consciously chose to put drugs and alcohol before their children. However, due to a hijacked brain, they believe that drugs and alcohol = survival so they do what they believe they have to do in order to survive.

Treatment At Our Saratoga Springs Christian Drug Rehab

No matter where you stand with addiction, you’re not alone. As a Utah resident, you live close to qualified help. Our Saratoga Springs Christian drug rehab program takes a holistic approach to the addiction healing process, focusing on addressing and eliminating the root of the problem to produce a more complete recovery.

The highly trained staff of recovery professionals at our Saratoga Springs Christian drug rehab facility guides each patient on their journey to increased self-awareness and contentment with sober living through a program of evidence-based treatment methods and faith-based healing. While our unique approach and skilled staff are at the core of our success in treating addiction, the following details of our program also contribute heavily:

Small Group Sizes

Guaranteed Results

Exciting Events and Adventures

Flexible Payment Options

Highly Trained Staff

Getting Help

To begin the journey to the sobriety of yourself or a loved one, call our Saratoga Springs Christian Drug Rehab at 385-207-2029. Here you can discuss program details and treatment options as well as receive answers for your questions regarding addiction and mild to moderate mental illnesses. We look forward to your call and wish you the best of luck on the road to recovery!


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