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In 2012, the number of people who died from prescription drug overdoses in Salt Lake City exceeded the number who died in traffic accidents. The prevalence of prescription drugs in Utah is becoming a hazard to many, and with Utah having the 8th highest drug mortality rate in North America, it’s important that people suffering with drug and alcohol addictions have a place they can turn to for proper recovery. That Salt Lake Christian Drug Rehab sanctuary is called a Christian Recovery Center!

Our Christian Recovery Center gives clients the support and treatment they need to live a life without addictions. Our Salt Lake Christian Drug Rehab programs are faith-based and centered on the teachings of God (though we are not affiliated with any particular branch of Christianity.) We simply believe that everyone can benefit from instilling principles of love and goodness in their lives. We explore every realm of recovery – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social, to enable our clients to fully understand and resolve the reasons they became addicted.

Because we specialize in Salt Lake Christian drug rehab, our care is comprehensive and specialized to each person’s individual needs. Only 16 patients are admitted to our facilities at a time, to ensure they receive the one-on-one time they need with our trained staff, and to avoid them “getting lost” in a bigger group environment. People in Salt Lake City can feel confident that there’s a recovery center they can count on – that’s why we give a lifetime guarantee, which offers you a free second stay in our facilities should you relapse.

Making a full recovery isn’t easy, but our staff put forth their best efforts in providing the most quality care possible, while also requiring their patients to give similar levels of effort. We treat our clients with the rest of their lives in mind, because we know the freedom that comes with rehabilitation from drug and alcohol abuse.

Our Christian Recovery Center has an amazing Bio, Psycho, Social and Spiritual approach to substance abuse treatment in order to obtain a sober and productive life full of recovery ad memorable relationships. We do this in that if one is ever to expect to heal from a life threatening addiction, they must learn to “re-learn” new and healthier habits in all aspects of their life. This means they cannot just stop using drugs and expect to stay clean for the rest of their life.

When one is addressing the biological aspects of recovery, one is taking better care of their body and is learning about the damaging effects drugs and alcohol places on them as well as how to reverse said damaging effects.

Another term for psychological is cognitive. This is an area of study where one must dispute irrational thoughts in their mind and replace them with newfound healthier ideas and concepts. This is one of the hardest areas of recovery to address as we think we already know best.

Having a good social recovery means that you are fully integrated back in to society without feeling ostracized or having any harsh feelings toward them. Yes, this even includes the law enforcement. Sorry to break it to you but the code of the streets served it’s purpose and from here on out all that is left is to be a more productive part of society. If you a good law abiding citizen, you should never have to run in with the law again.

The last realm that our Christian Recovery Center addresses extensively is the things of a spiritual nature. Now this does not necessarily mean religion in that you must align with a church to be freed from the chains of addiction. Rather, it means you explore your soul and energy and learn how to best utilize that power for the greater good for your self and for your community abroad.

To see how our Salt Lake Christian Drug Rehab can help you or someone you love, give us a call at 385-207-2029 or fill out a contact form, and begin the journey toward a happy, addiction-free life.

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