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Last year, emergency rooms in Roosevelt, UT treated dozens of people for drug-related injuries, with offending drugs ranging from prescription painkillers to heroin. Here at our Roosevelt Christian Drug Rehab, we provide residents of Roosevelt with the hope that recovery from substance abuse brings.

You would think that there would not be any need for a Christian drug rehab treatment facility in Roosevelt Utah. However, there is as well as every other minor or major city in Utah. There are many various hospitals in Utah to help with suboxone doctors as fellas other various opiate withdrawal symptoms, but the truth of the matter remains. Utah has a serious health epidemic on it’s hands regarding drug and alcohol addiction.

Our Roosevelt Christian Drug Rehab is doing it’s part to help alleviate the devastating symptoms of addiction and has therefore developed a few amazing treatment curriculum protocols to ensure everything goes smoothly in a client’s treatment episode. The first thing is smaller group size. We do this to help the client feel safe and comfortable not having to spill their guts in front of a larger crowd.

The second thing we do is offer amazing and extravagant outdoor recreation activities and therapy. We do this to help our clients explore their environment and to learn of the wonders and power that nature possesses. Recreation therapy is a daily occurrence at our Roosevelt Christian Drug Rehab.

Another awesome feature and benefit that we provide is a low cost affordable treatment experience. We are able to offset the difference in price for most all situations based on level of income or type of insurance policy that you carry. Whatever your financial situation is, please give us a call today!

We only hire the most professional and experienced treatment providers in the industry. Our therapist in Utah hold master level degrees and all specialize in substance abuse treatment and mental health disorders. You can rest assured that you are in the best of hands with our Christian Recovery Center.

While the majority of Christian drug rehab centers in Utah tend to have large group sizes, our Roosevelt Christian Drug Rehab never allows inpatient groups to exceed 5 people, in order to provide our clients with personalized care and attention. The limit for our outpatient group sizes is 10. We focus on the individual, and so do our treatment plans. 

We use the teachings of God to instill feelings of self-love and forgiveness in those we care for. We aren’t affiliated with any particularly branch of Christianity, but we believe that everyone can benefit from principles He taught. By dealing with the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of addiction recovery, our Christian treatment plans are conducive to lifelong happiness, free of addiction. 

“Check your road and the nature of your battle. The world you desired can be won. It exists, it is real, it is possible, it is yours.” – Ayn Rand

Don’t put off recovery any longer. Contact our Roosevelt Christian Drug Rehab at 385-207-2029, and start the journey toward freedom and peace of mind. You do not have to drink or drug with illicit substances ever again if you do not want to. Recovery is possible! 

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