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Our Christian Recovery Center is committed to offering exciting and fun activities for our clients. Each participant of our Residential Inpatient program knows that we require them to work hard so that they can play hard. Christian treatment does not always have to be conducted in a room where group members talk about issues, concerns, or challenges. At our Christian Addiction Center we like to convert the beautiful landscape into our group room by using activities such as fishing, hiking, camping, snowboarding, ATV riding, and other outdoor recreation to provide unique yet powerful therapeutic opportunities. Below are just a few of the many activities that we enjoyed throughout the year.

*Photos are depictions of various activities that our Christian Rehab has access to in the Utah mountains.

As you can see there are many various outdoor fun and activities that we love to enjoy on a regular basis. We take great pleasure and pride in getting our clients outdoors and into the wild and wonderful nature as often as possible. We do many different activities on a yearly basis depending on the season.

Some of the more common activities we do are as follows: Snowboarding, paintball, bowling, movies, darts, soccer, football, tennis, rafting, skiing, racket ball, hike, camp, 4 wheel, dirt bike, jet ski, boat, sledding, snowshoeing, biking, frisbee golf, ropes course, golf, frisbee, cabin retreat, swimming, water park, meditating, drum circles, art, music therapy, etc.

Another great resource that our Christian Addiction Center offers besides the routine outdoor fun is our recreational therapy. We incorporate our master level therapist’s into our outdoor activities to help enhance a spiritual program. This does not mean we do not know how to just have good ole’ plain fun though.

We ensure a healthy balance of just good clean fun while taking full advantage of the great outdoors and our amazing therapists. We believe there is nothing more empowering than feeling the sun blaze down on to your face while a cool breeze is blowing around making a crisp light sound as it rustles through the trees. Not to mention the sound of the water crashing against rocks as it is coming down the waterfall.

Imagine having all of those different senses simultaneously occurring while you are having a guided imagery meditation session from one of our top clinicians that specializes in Christian substance abuse treatment. All this and more is possible through the amazing treatment program of our Christian Addiction Center.

Only so much can occur within the sacred walls of the group room. You must embrace mother nature if you want to ever grasp a full recovery as ecology is one of the important aspects of recovery and intimacy. There is nothing more soothing than enjoying God’s country while being with the ones you love having a perfect sense of self.

If you have never experienced this, we highly recommend you embrace the great outdoors. There really is nothing like it. Most all spiritual experiences and “ah-ha” moments happen outside where you feel safest and unlimited to any confined space. Let our Christian Addiction Center help you or loved one make this all possible.

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