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Orem Christian Drug Rehab

Considering the city’s thriving business community, abundance of hardworking residents, and large community of top performing students, it’s hard to believe that the need of an Orem Christian Drug Rehab could be anything but minimal in Orem. Unfortunately, that’s not the truth. Substance abuse can strike anyone, at any time, and in any location. Some of the most commonly abused substances in Orem belong in the prescription medication category, most notably, pain killers have become a problem in the city.

So what can you do if you believe that you or a loved one may be struggling to control the use of drugs and/or alcohol? Getting help is the first step. Luckily, as a Utah resident, you live close to one of the most innovative Christian drug rehab facilities in the nation.

Recovering With Our Orem Christian Drug Rehab

Our Orem Christian Drug Rehab Program is unique in that we focus on treating the whole person, rather than simply addressing the addiction itself. We combine evidence-based treatment methods with the healing power of basic gospel principles to guide our patients to increased self-realization and ultimately greater contentment with sober living. It is our goal to identify and break down recovery roadblocks and get to the root of the patient’s addictive behavior. Once here, we take our holistic approach and heal the patient, increasing the chances of a permanent win in their battle against drugs and/or alcohol. Other factors that contribute to the success of our program include:

Small Group Sizes

Guaranteed Results

Exciting Events and Adventures

Flexible Payment Options

Highly Trained Staff

Orem Utah is no stranger to Christian substance abuse treatment. There are many within this fine city. However, not many can claim that they utilize the healing and cleansing power of God. Our Orem Christian Drug Rehab believes that this is the only way an addict will ever be able to fully heal once and for all.

Like the teachings within the first 164 pages says, “alcoholism is beyond human aid”. What does that really mean. To us it means that as human beings, we are not perfect and are susceptible to failure. However, the Lord will never fail you or accidentally hurt you. He is the only one that can truly heal.

If you think about it, this is the reason why so many addicts early in to their recovery end up in relapse. They only put their trust and faith into either the door knob, a nearby tree or even in to the group and therapist never opening up to the one true source for healing. At the same time, the addict client only focused on sobriety (simply not using) never truly addressing their past/current trauma.

Perhaps this is because they are too afraid to open up and disclose theirs darkest issues, knowing that a man or woman alone can not take upon them their infirmities and utilize the power of God to pay the price for all of those vicious and horrible past behaviors that you hold yourself hostage to.

Getting Help At Our Orem Christian Drug Rehab

To find more information on what addiction really is and how and where you can spot it in yourself or a loved one, please visit our addiction information page. To speak with a center representative regarding program details and/or to find answers to further questions on the topics of substance abuse and addiction, please give our Orem Christian Drug Rehab a call at 385-207-2029.

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