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There were 430 drug-related emergency room admissions in Layton, Utah last year, with 121 of those cases being from heroin. Those battling addiction in Layton don’t need to suffer in silence. Our Layton Christian Drug Rehab Center is a faith-based recovery facility that treats the individual needs of each client. We’re not some giant facility that treats a lot of people at a time – we admit only small groups of 16 into our inpatient care facilities, to ensure that everyone is given as much personalized attention as they deserve when going through something as difficult as recovery.

If you live in Layton and are in immediate need of our Layton Christian Drug Rehab Utah services, look no further. Our Christian Recovery Centers is here to help! We want to gently guide you through our amazing Christian treatment program so you are able to get the life saving help you deserve and need. So if that means you need to first go through the Christian drug detox or alcohol detoxification process (as well as visit with the best Utah suboxone doctors) then we can help.

Once you have completed that level of care, we can get you into our 5-star luxurious and exclusive Christian residential drug treatment center that pulls out all the stops to make sure you have the experience of your life. After that, we transition you to a lower level of care (outpatient rehab) intensive outpatient care. From there you will go to general outpatient and then hopefully be a regular part of the alumni/aftercare program.

For greatest results, we would hope that you are already enrolled into a sober living facility. This is a very important aspect of Christian treatment but definitely not mandatory. Sober living in Layton Utah is a great way to ensure and protect your recovery and sobriety. Do not take it lightly.

Granted some of you may have existing families that require your time, resources and money. You absolutely can recover from an addiction if you have the mind and will to. You just have to be honest, openminded and willing and cannot lie to anyone; especially yourself!

We focus our Layton Christian drug rehab program’s efforts on the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of addiction recovery. This means we don’t simply tackle the immediate problem (drug/alcohol dependency) – we get to the root of the problem, and remove it for the rest of a patient’s life. 

Our highly trained staff are motivated by success stories, so we’ll never put anything else before a client’s recovery. We hope that the insights, understanding, and strength that people receive while under our care will stay with them forever, and enable them to live long and happy lives, without the burden of drug dependency. 

“We can accomplish almost anything within our ability if we but think we can.”- George Matthew Adams

If someone you love is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and you’ve been asking the question, “What can I do to help?” contact our Layton Christian Drug Rehab today at 385-207-2029, and find out more about how we help people in Layton to change their lives.  

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