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The road to recovery is long, but well worth it when you or your loved one finally reaches the point of complete sobriety. If you’re seeking substance abuse help for yourself or a loved one in Kamas, you’ve come to the right place. Our Kamas Christian Drug Rehab Center is one of the most innovative drug rehab facilities available, offering a complete recovery process for addictions varying in nature and severity. While we specialize in the treatment of substance abuse, we also offer highly effective Christian programs for the treatment of mild to moderate mental health disorders. Ready to learn how we do it? Read on to find out more.

Can you think of a more beautiful city than Kamas, Utah. It truly is the gateway to the Uintah Mountain range. Let’s also not forget the old nudist colony nearby up the highway as well. There are really many different and amazing reasons anybody would fall in love with Kamas. The list is truly endless.

Unfortunately, even Kamas is in need of a good Kamas Christian drug rehab. No city no matter how perfect it may seem from the outside looking in is immune from the devastation that comes from drug abuse and alcoholism. Our Christian Recovery Center is committed to helping all cities in Utah. Even if it is just to help you with either your alcohol withdrawal symptoms or heroin overdose. Not to mention the need to go to any number of hospitals in Utah for Christian alcohol detox or Christian drug detox.

We are also well equipped to provide world-class service (Christian inpatient residential treatment center as well as outpatient Kamas Christian Drug Rehab) to those that desperately need it. We will do all that we can when it comes to fighting a good fight. We ask that you roll up your sleeves and do the same though. You have to want help and be willing to do what it takes just as much as we want to see you succeed in all that you do.

Our Approach

Our recovery specialists have discovered that in order to fully recover from substance addiction, the whole individual must be healed. Rather than focus solely on the addiction at hand, we search for the root of the problem then work to help our patients develop an increased sense of contentment with sober living. We’ve created a unique combination of evidence-based treatment methods and faith-based healing that allows for holistic recovery.

While our approach is key to our success with patients at our facility, our skilled staff, flexible payment options, extravagant outings, and guaranteed results are also main contributors. Each patient is treated with the individualized care necessary to ensure optimal recovery results.

Getting Started

If you’d still like to learn a little more about addiction and its warning signs before speaking with our Christian Rehab Center representative, check out the addiction information page on our website. After you’ve gathered the information you need, please feel free to give our Kamas Christian Drug Rehab a call anytime at 385-207-2029. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have regarding addiction and its treatments, details of our program and its success, and any other facility/addiction questions you may have.

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