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Successful recovery from drug addiction requires an understanding of the underlying issues behind the problem. Here at our Christian Recovery Center, we provide a safe and helpful environment for people in Holladay, Utah to recover from drug and alcohol abuse. We don’t focus on educating clients on the dangers of drugs and alcohol, because we recognize that the problem doesn’t arise from being uneducated – people already know the dangers of substance abuse. Instead, we take a five-pronged, faith-based approach to recovery, which explores its physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects. This is why our Holladay Christian Drug Rehab is well known and comes highly rated as the best in Utah!

Our Holladay Drug Rehab treatment programs have been proven successful time and time again, and even come with a lifetime guarantee. We don’t simply remove drugs and alcohol from a client’s life – we aim to remove the issues that put them there in the first place. 

By admitting just 16 people into our facilities at a time, we make sure clients receive the personalized Christian treatment they need to recover. We want those within our care to be individually catered for, and to know that their needs are important to us. While other Christian treatment centers may cause patients to feel a bit “lost” in the number of people there, our Holladay drug rehab always puts the focus on you.

We want nothing more than to help the great city of Holladay Utah with all of their drug rehab Utah needs. Just as our mission statement declares, we thoroughly want to help as many addicts as possible with conquering their deepest fears and releasing their buried pain and feelings!

Our Holladay Christian Drug Rehab believes this and so much more is possible if the addict in our care is honest, open-minded and willing. At first glance this sounds so simple and easy, however that is quite the contrary. It is extremely hard to execute all three behaviors simultaneously in order to successfully recover. This is why you may need the professional assistance of our Christian Recovery Center.

To exude honesty, you must do as the 12 step program teaches which is to display rigorous honesty. You must tell on yourself with every little secret or unhealthy thought that surfaces. When it comes to being open-minded you must not always remain in your comfort zone of thoughts and always think the way you have. You must be open to suggestion and new ways of seeing things.

Lastly with willingness, we believe that is the most important of all three in that you must be willing to be honest and open-minded. Furthermore, you must be wiling to stretch far beyond your current list of behaviors and patterns and do the things that you never knew were possible or existed. You must change the way you think, do and feel if you ever want to have any lasting chance of recovery.

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is no simple task, but with the help from our premier Holladay Drug Rehab Recovery Center it can be effective and lasting. We always look ahead, and focus on changing lives for good – not just for the length of Christian inpatient as well as our Christian outpatient treatment. We truly care about the future of the people we help. To start changing your life, or the life of someone you love, in a positive and freeing way, contact us now at 385-207-2029

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