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Our Eden Christian Drug Rehab Center serves people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction in Eden, UT. Our Christian treatment programs are designed with the individual in mind, and utilize a faith-based approach to addiction recovery, while focusing on the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of it. Because we only admit 5 patients to our center at a time, you can feel confident that you or your loved one will receive the personalized care they need to rid their lives of addiction, and put them back on track.

Our highly-specialized staff provide our clients with help that is specific to their needs, and will never allow anyone to “get lost” in their stay with our Eden Christian drug rehab center. Everyone we treat is of paramount importance to us, which is why we claim to be the best Christian alcohol and drug rehab center available to the good people of Eden, UT. 

It can be easy for those suffering with addictions to feel like recovery is impossible. Using the teachings of God, we help people to understand that through him, nothing is impossible. We are not associated with any particular branch of Christianity – we simply want to instill in our clients the love-filled principles taught from God. We want everyone who leaves our programs to be recovered for life, which is why they come with a lifetime guarantee that permits a second stay for free if a client relapses back into addiction. 

Sometimes people have no idea of what incorporating the gospel of God into their Eden Christian drug rehab treatment in Utah is really like. This means that you are ready to surrender your life over to the Lord and ask for his almighty help as you can not do it on your own or you would have already done so. In fact, no man is able to cure addiction like God can with his healing powers! So I suppose you could say that God is the number one medicine we use!

Part of using God at our Christian substance abuse treatment facility is the power of prayer. This is not a mandatory part of our treatment regimen. You do not have to pray if you do not want to. However, if you do, you have a much greater chance in healing than if you did not. This usually means that we look at prayer as an opportunity to commune with God and not a burden. Having said that, our Eden Christian drug rehab prays over their meals, activities and therapy sessions (mostly privately) as ofter as possible.

Keep in mind that we do not force religion or mandate church attendance while attending our Eden Christian drug rehab. We would never want to make you feel uncomfortable with your special and personal relationship with God. At the same time we highly encourage you take the time to get to know him better. Just in your own way and in your own space and time!

If you or someone you know is ready to begin the process of transforming their life for the better, contact our Eden Christian Drug Rehab today, at 385-207-2029, and let us give you the help necessary for happiness and freedom from addiction.

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