Christian Recovery Center

Addiction is a problem that continues to trouble millions of families in America, yet there is always help available right around the corner. Our Christian Alcohol Recovery Center is one such option. Our Christian recovery center offers treatment for both drug and alcohol abuse, as well as the complications that mental illness can bring into addiction. 

While the initiative to seek help should ideally come from the addict, it is important to appreciate that this is not always possible. The first step in addiction recovery is always an acceptance of the situation, but people in the throes of addiction are often not ready for this initial step in recovery. As a family, it is important to encourage your loved one about the availability of treatment through rehabilitation.  While most rehab programs focus on short-term goals such as sobriety, there is a high rate of relapse, which sometimes discourages families looking for help for their loved ones. This is one of the issues we seek to address at our Christian recovery center. 

We appreciate the struggle an addict goes through, and we promise to walk with them during and after their Christian treatment. To build a strong foundation for Christian drug and alcohol addiction recovery, we have integrated biblical teachings into our program. We are now one of the best and most highly recommended faith-based drug rehab and alcohol treatment centers, and our resolve has never been stronger. If you or a loved one has struggled with substance abuse including drugs and alcohol, we welcome you to try a new approach. 

We believe that by laying a foundation where addicts can reconnect with the God of their understanding, it is possible to overcome addiction and to finally recover fully. However bleak your addition history is, we are not judgmental, and in fact, we welcome the challenge to walk with you back to sobriety and beyond.  To achieve the best outcome in Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment, we have created the perfect balance of evidence-based clinical methods together with Christian teachings. So far, we are proud to say the results have been mind boggling. We are thus in a potion to guarantee full recovery through our faith-based approach at our Christian recovery center. 

About Our Christian Rehab Centers

Our Christian Addiction Treatment Center is a team of highly committed clinicians with varying degrees of experience in Christian drug and alcohol treatment. Our mission is to help families afflicted with addiction to become whole again, and this we do by helping their loved ones get back on track. We appreciate that the journey to recovery is fraught with risks. For this reason we use a faith-based approach together with the Christian 12 steps in drug and alcohol recovery. 

We are heavy on spirituality because we appreciate the void that recovery leaves in an addict’s life.  Most patients at our facility have been on drugs and alcohol for years, and when we remove these substances from their lives, there is an emptiness that can lead to relapse. Having observed the high failure rate in most rehabilitation programs, we decided on a new approach where Christian drug treatment goes hand in hand with spiritual teachings. Our aim is not only to give hope to the addict but also fill the void that drugs or alcohol previously occupied. This increases the chance of a full recovery. 

At our Christian recovery center, we have created an environment of love, peace and serenity as espoused in our Christian teachings. We endeavor not only to help patients recover but also to become mentors to others struggling with the same problem. Through our Christian beliefs and values, we have impacted many lives, and our joy is in seeing families rebuilding after a loved one goes through our Christian alcohol treatment. We have many success stories which we share with our clients, and in fact, we take pride in welcoming back mentors from our programs.  

If you need help or you know someone who can benefit from our fresh approach to Christian drug and alcohol recovery, talk to us today. Our team offers personalized treatment plans for higher success rates. From the moment you come through our doors, you have a dedicated team to work with you on this journey. We have created a friendly atmosphere where help is always around. From our experience working with drug and alcohol addicts, we know this is a tough battle and we always avail ourselves to help. 

What Distinguishes Us?

While there are plenty of Christian drug and alcohol treatment facilities, we pride ourselves in being one of the most recommended. Our team works hard to achieve the goals clients have, and we base all our activities on biblical teachings.  Ours is not a short-term approach – rather, we strive to have a lasting impression on the life of the individual. Most of the addicts who have gone through our Christian recovery programs have emerged better people, and we thank God for all these achievements. 

Some of the qualities that distinguish us from other Christian treatment centers include:

  1. Faith-Based Approach

We don’t rely on science alone but rather; we blend evidence-based treatment with religious teachings for better outcomes. The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse says over 80% of Americans believe faith can heal addiction and we can attest to this. Our high success rate is due to the spiritual teachings our team integrates into our Christian treatment programs. Religious studies based on the Bible have given addicts hope and resolve to fight on even after leaving our facility.

  1. Holistic Approach To Christian Addiction Rehab

We look beyond achieving sobriety, because this is a short-term goal. Instead we look at making an individual whole again. Most addicts come to us broken and desolate. They have nothing to fight for in life, and we know even after Christian treatment, there is a high risk of relapse. By building an environment where they can connect with God, we give these people a new perspective on life. They get the urge to fight their demons, knowing someone is fighting alongside them. 

  1. Individualized Approach To Christian Addiction Treatment

Most rehabilitation programs don’t have enough human resources to handle a large number of addicts seeking help. Ultimately, they may end up compromising on the quality of care provided. At our Christian rehab, we have vowed to put the interests of the patient first and that includes providing personalized care from the beginning. 

A counselor assesses a patient and recommends a personalized treatment plan. It is this plan that will guide treatment throughout the patient’s stay here. This helps achieve the objectives of the Christian treatment program faster while at the same time providing a more conducive environment for the addict. 

  1. Small Groups Sessions 

We appreciate the importance of group sessions in Christian alcohol and drug addiction treatment. However, we ensure these groups are small and manageable to achieve the desired results. Small-group therapy has incredible benefits in the journey towards recovery and it forms a crucial part of our program at our Christian recovery program. 

  1. Flexibility In Payment

Christian drug and alcohol treatment is an expensive affair, and we appreciate this fact. As a Christian recovery center, we owe a duty to the community to help everyone in need whenever possible. For this reason, we offer flexible payment options tailored to the needs of an individual. If you want to help a loved one but you fear the fees might be too high, talk to us today and we will be glad to create a personalized payment program as your loved one continues receiving proper care.

  1. Relaxed Christian Treatment Environment 

We have invested heavily in a serene setting for our faith-based recovery center. We appreciate that the most effective types of treatment take place in a peaceful environment, so this is precisely what you find at our facility. Our personnel goes to extra lengths to create a loving atmosphere where patients can relax. We also integrate fun outdoor activities to keep both body and mind busy throughout the Christian treatment program.

Common Types of Recovery Centers/Programs

The main types of recovery centers you will find are:

  • Christian Inpatient treatment programs: Can be short-term or long-term residential programs based on the 12 Step recovery program. 
  • Outpatient: For addicts living at home, it is possible to attend a Christian outpatient treatment facility and go back home. It is not the most recommended option, as the addict will still live in their old environment, where he or she has formed or reinforced the patterns of substance abuse, and where relapse is highly likely. 
  • Inpatient faith based recovery programs: These are inpatient Christian residential treatment centers offering an integrated approach based on the 12 step program and Christian teachings. Our Christian alcohol and drug rehab falls under this category, and its high success rate in full recovery attests to the suitability of a faith-based approach. 

What to Expect At Our Christian Recovery Center

To appreciate how our Christian recovery center differs from any other treatment center, you need only to look at some of the things we do. Take a look:

  • Detox and withdrawal management 
  • Education about spiritual principles
  • Continuing Christian treatment for addiction  
  • Christ-centered sober living arrangements
  • Religious studies and prayer
  • Alcohol and drugs addiction education and counseling
  • Small group therapy and religious studies
  • Continuous support for drug or alcohol addiction by certified counselors
  • Christian mentors to help bridge the gap from addiction to recovery
  • Christian 12 Step program in drug and alcohol treatment

We not only teach Christian values to our patients, we practice them in our own lives, and this is why most patients feel so welcome at our facility. We go out of the way to make patients feel at home, and we are proud to report it works. We appreciate that some addicts have no connection with families and feel unloved. We fill the gap by providing the love and care that all human beings deserve. If you or a loved one needs help with addiction, don’t hesitate to talk to us today. We offer tailored Christian treatment programs to suit a client’s specific needs. By applying Christian teachings, we have a better understanding of the patient’s needs and our approach to treatment is thus more effective.

Benefits of a Christian Alcohol Treatment Facility

If still undecided on the type of Christian treatment facility to use for drug and alcohol addiction, look a summary of the benefits associated with faith-based recovery centers:

  1. Serene and tranquil settings
  2. More welcoming environment
  3. Holistic healing of both body and soul
  4. A chance to reconnect with your God/reignite your faith 
  5. Better chances for a full recovery
  6. Group prayer and religious studies to give you hope and resolve to fight addiction
  7. Affordability and more flexible payment options
  8. Dedicated follow-up and solid mentorship program for better outcomes after our Christian treatment

These are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy when you come to our Christian recovery center.  We go that extra mile to guarantee your full recovery. It is the mission we set out to fulfill and the challenge we have set for ourselves.

Understanding the 12 Step Program

At our Christian recovery center, we have integrated the 12 step program into our faith-based approach to Christian drug and alcohol treatment.  These steps contained in the Big Book by Bill Wilson have guided alcoholism treatment since the 1930s. Today, the 12 step program is the standard in the Christian treatment of almost every addiction. Our team uses these guidelines together with biblical teachings to achieve amazing results in Christian addiction treatment.

In summary, the 12-Step program entails:

  1. Recognizing and admitting there is an addiction problem and appreciating one is powerless 
  2. Believing in a higher power as we understand it, who could restore us to sanity
  3. Self-observation and awareness through a fearless moral inventory of our past
  4. Admitting our wrongs to God and all those we have hurt
  5. Readiness to seek forgiveness from all we have hurt through addiction
  6. Continuous personal inventory of your life and admitting wrongs when they happen
  7. A spiritual awakening through prayer and meditation
  8. Compassion for others who struggle with addiction and readiness to take the 12-step message of recovery to others.

By following these guidelines together with spiritual teachings, our counselors can help patients deal with any form of addiction. We walk with you not just in the short term, but through your entire recovery journey. Our goal at our Christian drug rehab centers is to give you a new perspective on life, based on Christian teachings. 

At our Christian recovery center, we espouse hope and belief that recovery is possible using evidence-based treatment and faith-based teachings.  Come and try a new experience in Christian drug and alcohol treatment, and regain control over your life.