Christian Alcohol Treatment

Addiction is one of the most debilitating conditions that can afflict a person. In our society, drug and alcohol addiction is frowned upon. This can cause those afflicted by addiction to suffer rejection from their family and the larger community. It is a situation that exacerbates already desperate circumstances for an addict. Making the decision to change takes a lot of grit and determination. More importantly, the person suffering from addiction requires all the christian alcohol treatment they can get for a successful recovery. 

At our Christian Drug Rehab Centers, we appreciate how tough this fight can be, and that’s why we strive to provide dedicated assistance to patients at our Christian Drug Rehab and Christian alcohol treatment center. We are a Christian alcohol treatment facility offering the most comprehensive Christian alcohol treatment an addict will need in their journey to recovery. If you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, we are here to help every step of the way. Our approach is different from thousands of other treatment centers because we believe in addition to evidence-based treatment, faith in the living God can help you in this daunting journey. That’s the reason we welcome you to our treatment program with open hands and warm hearts.

About Our Christian Recovery & Wellness Center

We believe that every addict needs a welcoming family in their journey to recovery. Our mission is thus to walk with drug and alcohol addicts as they seek to get better. We are a team of specialists with decades of combined experience in substance abuse treatment. At our Christian rehab, we endeavor to become the Christian drug rehab and alcohol treatment center of choice based on the happy clients we have helped.  We offer an inpatient program followed by a dedicated outpatient aftercare program. We guarantee recovery, once our clients complete these two phases of our Christian alcohol treatment program.  

Our approach to addiction recovery is simple; we seek to treat the cause of the problem which has forced a client to move down this path.  We do this using evidence-based treatment including therapies and medication. As we do this, we also appreciate that there exists a big “hollow” or emptiness once the alcohol component is no longer an issue. This is where we bring God into the healing and recovery process. According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (NCAS), over 80% of Americans feel that faith can cure addiction, and this is also our belief at our Christian alcohol treatment. 

We add God to the equation to fill the void left once a client no longer has a problem with drugs or alcohol. Based on scientific studies in substance abuse, we know that most addicts relapse due to a feeling of emptiness in their life. In an attempt to fill this void, they can all too easily end up getting addicted again.  With our experience in Christian drug and alcohol treatment and our strong background in matters of faith, we have decided to create an environment where an addict can recover completely by rejuvenating their faith in God. 

Through an extensive range of fun Christian-based activities, we have enjoyed high rates of success in our program and this is what we want you and your family to enjoy. Our joy is in observing families coming back together and individuals easily integrated into their communities. 

Why Our Christian Drug Rehab Center?

Of course, there are over 15,000 different drug or alcohol treatment centers in America, but we believe that we offer something different from the rest. Through our double-prong approach to addiction treatment (evidence-based techniques and a faith-based approach), we offer our clients a more realistic chance of full recovery.  

Among the distinguishing features that make us your first choice for Christian alcohol treatment include:

  1. Small Group Sizes: Research shows that small size group sessions work better in addiction treatment. For this reason, we have integrated this into our Christian alcohol treatment program with amazing results.
  2. Guaranteed results: It is rare to find a Christian drug rehab and alcohol treatment center which guarantees results, but we do. To achieve this, we provide a follow-up phase through our outpatient aftercare program where clients work closely with a specialist from our program. This has helped us achieve incredible results including long-term sobriety and recovery. 
  3. Affordability: We appreciate that most rehab and alcohol treatment centers are out of reach for most families. For this reason, we have devised flexible custom payment options. You can talk to us to arrange the most favorable payment option to fit virtually any family’s budget. 
  4. Fun activities: We have designed extensive activities at our facility and in the neighboring area for everyone to have fun outdoors. We know the recovery journey is not easy and this is the reason we have integrated these activities to help clients relax. 
  5. Joint Commission Accreditation: Before you enroll at any Christian Drug Rehab and alcohol treatment center, look for its National Quality Approval given by the Joint Commission. The commission has accredited us and this guarantees you of the highest quality services, professional conduct and safety while receiving treatment at our facility.
  6. Open and friendly treatment environment: Our Christian alcohol treatment program is based on a welcoming and friendly attitude. We go to great lengths to help you feel at home from the moment you contact us. We have open channels of communication and our team works around the clock to resolve clients’ concerns. Feel free to talk to us anytime if you or a loved one needs help with addiction.

What to Expect In a Christian Recovery Center

To achieve our goal, we provide a tranquil environment where addicts can re-acquaint themselves with their faith in God. Among the strategies we use include:

  • Education on alcohol addiction 
  • Counseling
  • Medical assistance with detox and withdrawal
  • Education about spiritual principles
  • Interactive sessions of religious studies and prayer
  • Group therapy and religious studies
  • Faith-based support to help clients grow spiritually and develop a stronger relationship with God. 
  • Christian mentoring through powerful role-models and coaches
  • A chance to witness the healing power of Christ’s love

Through these strategies, we promise better outcomes of alcohol treatment. Our Christian alcohol treatment doesn’t focus on achieving short-term goals, but on rebuilding the life of the addict. We go an extra mile to motivate and encourage our clients through biblical teachings and mentoring.  

Our mission is to help addicts recover fully and to achieve this; we work on the premise that drugs and alcohol are not the main problems. Through our medical training and experience, we appreciate that faulty coping mechanisms are the main causes of addiction. 

We go beyond helping you stop drinking or abstain from substance abuse; we seek to give you a better coping solution by instilling belief through Christian teachings. Our high success rate is not only due to excellent medical treatment, but rather the fact that we fuse such treatments with faith in God.

Loving and Caring Environment 

At our facility, you will experience an environment of love, care and joy. We endeavor to be the family many addicts don’t have, and this is an important basis of our success. When we introduce Christian alcohol treatment teachings into such an environment, it is easier for clients to have hope and gain the will to remain strong in their recovery. 

Personalized Christian Treatment Approach 

At our facility, you will also find a personalized approach to your addiction problem. Everyone’s addiction is as unique as the story behind it, and there can be myriad different underlying problems. This is why our clinicians start with a thorough evaluation of your history to fully understand your addiction. 

We believe that evidence-based techniques work best when applied to individuals who have undergone a thorough evaluation. As such, we recommend a residential inpatient level of care for closer observation. After this phase, we then create a tailored Christian treatment plan for you. 

Types of Recovery Centers/Programs

To fully appreciate our Christian alcohol treatment program at our Christian addiction treatment, it is important to assess different drug and alcohol treatment programs available:

  1. Detoxification/Medically Managed Withdrawal

This is usually the first stage in any form of the recovery process. Most addicts have a dependency problem, and it is important to manage the withdrawal phase to avoid relapse. At our Christian alcohol facility, we have highly experienced clinicians to review each case and administer necessary drugs. Studies show that the management of addicts at this level has a huge impact on the rest of the recovery process. For this reason, we carry out a thorough assessment to guarantee the best care at this stage. 

  1. Short-Term Christian Residential Program 

These programs offer treatment through the 12-step approach. Since the 1980s, the 12-Step program has formed the basis of addiction recovery, and it achieves incredible results. In most cases, the patient starts the treatment phase at a treatment facility for 3-6 weeks.  An outpatient therapy program including self-help groups then follows this phase.  When not properly administered, this kind of approach will fail. Most short-term residential programs don’t have resources to follow up on the recovering addict, leading to high chances of relapse.

  1. Christian Addiction Treatment 

This treatment offers a higher chance of success. At our Christian rehab program we run one of the most successful faith based drug and alcohol treatment centers. 

Our program offers inpatient services, where a patient undergoes evidence-based treatment. At this point, we also introduce Christian teachings to help our clients cope with the struggle and give them hope. Our Christian based alcohol treatment program also fills the void left by drugs and alcohol to limit any chances of relapse. 

We offer short-term residential treatment with a foundation of Christian teachings and this makes all the difference. We have also integrated the 12-step approach into our alcohol treatment program, and the results so far have been impressive. 

Brief Overview of the 12-Step Approach 

To appreciate the success we have with the 12-step approach to our treatment, we need to look at its history. It goes back to the 1930s, when Bill Wilson and Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith, who both struggled with alcohol abuse, founded the 12 step program and introduced Alcoholics Anonymous. By talking to others who suffered from the same problem and examining existing treatment models, Wilson came up with 12 steps which could help anyone struggling with addiction. These formed the basis of the Big Book published in 1938. 

These 12 steps easily fit into our faith-based alcohol treatment because they came from spiritual and Christian inspiration. These steps recognize the role of a higher power and the importance of peer support in the journey towards recovery. They suggest actions that any addict can take to become free.   

Our therapists emphasize these 12 steps to help clients understand the need to recognize there is a problem, recognizing the role of a higher power and giving control to this higher power. We work closely with our clients by integrating the 12 Steps into our interactions. We do this by helping them:

  • Take inventory of their lives
  • Admit wrongs caused by their addiction
  • Seek forgiveness from God
  • Make a list of all wrongs done
  • Starting the process of atoning for these wrongs by contacting those they have hurt when possible and appropriate
  • Seek enlightenment and a connection with God through prayers and meditation
  • Spreading the message to others who need it.
  • Continuous assessment and admitting when one is wrong.

What to Look For In a Christian Recovery Center

There are many Christian based recovery centers around here and choosing the best can overwhelm you. When you start your search, make sure you look for a program with:

  1. Matching faith and values
  2. Accredited programs 
  3. Experienced staff 
  4. Alignment to your addiction/medical needs 
  5. Easy accessibility
  6. Serene and tranquil environment
  7. Diverse Christian treatment options 
  8. Personalized medical attention 
  9. Additional amenities and activities 
  10. Affordable and flexible payment options
  11. Highest quality of care (check reviews and testimonials)
  12. Aftercare and ongoing support after treatment

At our Christian Drug Rehab Centers, we promise to exceed your expectations. Our Christian alcohol treatment program has undergone thorough reviews and we always integrate feedback from our clients. As a faith based organization, our primary goal is to promote happy families,and we do this by helping individuals suffering from addiction mend their way. 

We welcome you to experience our holistic approach to drug and alcohol treatment at our Christian Drug Rehab and alcohol treatment center.