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10 Benefits of a Christian Outpatient 12 Step Program

10 Benefits of a Christian Outpatient 12 Step Program

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Outpatient Christian treatment is a fantastic choice for those who are seeking their first source of help, as well as for those who have already completed an inpatient program. Typically, if you are ready for outpatient treatment, you are cognizant of the reality of your addiction, and have the motivation to learn, and correct it. There are many benefits to choosing outpatient Christian treatment as you journey to your new, addiction-free life. Some of these include:

1)    Increased freedom of movement

The first, and most salient, benefit of an outpatient program is the freedom it allows you.  The freedom to come and go can play a large role in your willingness to seek or continue effective care.  This is because you are not required to stay in one place. You can attend meetings and therapy sessions scheduled around your regular activities.

2)    Maintain commitments (Family, Work, Education)

The road to recovery requires kept commitments, and progress in life is continued.  Going to work to earn a wage/salary, attending school to achieve an education, or striving to be a good parent or spouse are all made possible and encouraged in an outpatient program.

3)    Privacy and Anonymity

Addiction has never been and never will be, something bragged out or publicized by those who suffer from it.  Many times it can be stigmatized, and become a detriment to further progress in life and career.  Thus, outpatient programs let you keep the exposure to a minimum, without the need to explain extended absences.

4)    Activity Variety

The variety of activities that are part of a recovery process are vastly expanded in an outpatient program.  Achieving long-lasting, and permanent, sobriety often involves more than simply treating the physical aspects and consequences of addiction. Outpatient Christian treatment allows you to get out and enjoy a variety of fun, sober activities with friends and family. Your treatment sessions will be scheduled at convenient times, allowing you work your plans around them.

5)    Ease of Transition for Former Inpatients

At the close of an inpatient Christian treatment program, the adjustment of returning back to normal life can be difficult.  Outpatient programs can provide stability, resources, and support to prevent possible relapse from the stress of transition.

6)    Support network of non-using peers

Outpatient programs are unique in that they can mobilize and arrange permanent, real-life support. Outpatient programs allow you to create a structurally sound support system of peers who understand and support your efforts toward sobriety.

7)    Focus of family involvement

Part of your support system can be, and usually is, family members.  When your family is supportive and creates a productive environment, there are few parts of a recovery program that are more effective.  Your outpatient Christian treatment will allow you to be at home at night with your family.

8)    Immediate application of lessons

Outpatient care can be challenging, but the education received in Christian treatment can immediately be applied before dulled by memory or inactivity.  These lessons, when applied in the real world, can radically improve your rate of recovery.

9)    Lower costs

Outpatient Christian treatment is almost always inexpensive when compared with inpatient treatment.  This is because an outpatient program avoids the costs of paying staff to be present, housing, and meals. Although inpatient Christian treatment may be necessary depending on your specific case, outpatient care is certainly a great first option to discuss with us.

10) More valid assessment of antecedents

When you are in the more freeing, but ultimately more vulnerable, situation of an outpatient program it is easier to identify the severity and validity of antecedents and triggers to behavior.  The environment is not stable or sterile, allowing you to confront and conquer the pressures involved in addiction.

Starting Your Journey

Hopefully these listed benefits have helped you gain better understanding of how outpatient Christian treatment can help you. If you’re interested in either outpatient or inpatient treatment, we encourage you to call us at 385-207-2029 to discuss your needs with a trained center representative. Here, we can determine your care needs and help you select the best Christian treatment option for you.


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