Neola Drug Rehab

Utah is home to a thriving statewide community, and the city of Neola is certainly no exception. While drug and alcohol abuse may seem like a limited problem here given the state’s seemingly “clean” environment, the truth is that addiction knows no boundaries. In fact, Utah has the eighth highest drug overdose mortality rate in the U.S.

The point here is that identifying and addressing addiction quickly is crucial as it can happen to anyone at any time, and in any location. Getting help fast is key as the condition of addiction moves at an exceptionally rapid rate, but is fairly undetectable until the problem gets out of hand. Whether you or a loved one is currently experiencing or at risk for trouble with a substance abuse problem, identify warning signs immediately and seek the professional help you or they need.

Addiction Recovery at Zion

Our facility takes a unique and exceptionally effective approach to the substance abuse treatment process. We’ve created a successful mixture of evidence-based treatment methods and faith-based healing concepts which allows us to holistically heal each individual seeking our help. By healing the whole person, we’re able to achieve optimal success throughout the treatment process. While we specialize in drug and alcohol addiction treatment, we are also skilled in the treatment of mild to moderate mental health disorders. Additional benefits to our treatment programs include small group sizes, guaranteed treatment outcomes, exciting outings and recreational fun as well as various payment options.

We place a huge emphasis on hosting small group sizes for a variety of reasons. We believe that it is always in the best interest of the client to conduct our drug rehab with the concept of placing the clients best interest at the forefront. One way to help ease the client’s tension is to create a safe environment.

So long as you are willing to do what is asked of you and you entirely surrender your whole will over to the Lord, we guarantee your sobriety and recovery. With God, nothing is impossible. How could you ever go wrong with God by your side? This is the only way we can guarantee your results!

Zion Recovery Center takes great pride in the fact that we embark on daily outdoor adventures on a regular basis. We go camping or on cabin retreats as well as rent 4 wheelers and side x sides. We also take advantage of the greatest snow on earth by going skiing or snowboarding or tubing during the winter time. Whatever you enjoy doing, we are usually extremely open to your suggestions.

Sometimes addicts have a hard time with justifying treatment purely based on the costs associated with a residential drug rehab program. We do not want a potential client to get discouraged and feel that they cannot afford treatment if they have the will and mind to enter into any of our Utah addiction centers. That is why we help you exhaust all resources and obtain finances any way you possibly can.

Getting Help

Are you ready to start the healing process? Give us a call at 385-207-2029 for more information on conditions treated and program details. Whether you’re simply looking for a little help understanding the condition of addiction, or would like to enroll yourself or a loved one in our facility, we’re here to help. If you’d prefer to gather your information online, please feel free to visit our program and addiction information pages.