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Neurofeedback is a fairly new form of therapy which really helps train your brain to function in a more natural/homeostasis manner. The way it accomplishes this is through providing a mirror image reflection (in instantaneous real time) of your brain at work through the television of a video game. Neurofeedback is literally showing your brain what is working well and what is not right in front of your eyes without the aid of any therapist or human for that matter.

You could be trying to fly as an eagle or spaceship and not crash, or drive a car around without running into walls. It sounds easy enough, however the only catch is that it has to be done strictly through thought only. You will wear a halo that reads your brainwaves. The more you see yourself not functioning properly or getting frustrated because the object is not going where you want/need it to…you will learn to self redirect really fast which in turn trains your brain to reprogram in a more correct and healthy manner!

Neurofeedback is truly a very fascinating form of mental health and addiction recovery that is still being discovered to help many other areas of life.