Small Group Sizes Help Improve Sobriety

Residential Treatment Centers UtahZion Recovery Center knows how important it is to help our client feel comfortable enough to open up and disclose their personal trauma. Trauma that is also known as an underlying cause is usually a key factor that keeps you or a loved one’s addiction alive. Discussing, processing, and overcoming the underlying causes of addiction cannot always be done in a large group setting because more often than not, it is a very painful and emotional task. Small group sizes allow our clients to feel comfortable enough to discuss their personal trauma that they have kept hidden for so long. This openness then allows us to better treat them with a loving, specialized, and individualized approach.

Drawbacks of Large Group Therapy

Small groups can prevent members from getting lost in the crowd or having to compete for time in group therapy. When surrounded by a large group, it is easy to sit back and listen to others, all the while telling yourself that you’re receiving quality treatment because you can relate to what other group members are sharing. This mindset must be avoided if you or a loved one is to fully overcome an addiction. In order to progress and heal, you must be willing to share your own experiences and trauma, no matter how difficult it may be.

How Small Groups Heal

A major benefit of our smaller group size is how easy it is to receive the appropriate amount of individual therapy sessions needed in order to fully heal from a substance abuse or alcohol addiction. Not all situations or experiences can be discussed in a group setting and must be discussed privately. That said, our clients enjoy the option of receiving individual or private family sessions at least 5 times a week. These individual or family sessions are not given a time limit and are never rushed. Sessions such as these can go as long as needed so our clients can have the individual time they need and deserve.

Additionally, small group sizes are important because they give our program the ability to explore recovery in all of its realms. It is imperative that all aspects of recovery are addressed (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual) rather than focusing entirely on sobriety. This means our clients must have the opportunity to experience recovery beyond a traditional treatment plan. Such activities include: volunteering to give back to society, going on weekly outings, weekly church attendance or gospel study if desired, even overnight retreats where our clients can learn to relax and enjoy life without using controlled substances or alcohol. All of these benefits from small group sizes make Zion Recovery a quality program that can offer you or a loved one a lifetime of sobriety.

Getting Help

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about how the small group sizes at Zion Recovery Center can help you or your loved one finally win the battle with addiction, it’s time to connect with a center representative. For 24/7 access to information and assistance, call 385-207-2029 or visit our contact page to reach out via the contact form.