Provo Drug Rehab

Provo Drug RehabProvo is home to one of the highest drug abuse populations in the state. While prevention and intervention are key to tackling this issue, the high prevalence of drugs within the city means that many have already been exposed to and effected by the epidemic. Some of the most highly abused drugs in the city include prescription medications and heroin. With thousands of students attending schools and universities in the Provo, distributors of these drugs have almost unlimited access to highly vulnerable targets in the city.

There many dimensions involved in substance abuse treatment care. You can not just stop using for a little while and except stellar results. In fact the biggest issue that addicts face in regards to chemical dependency treatment is understanding the distinction between “sobriety” and “recovery”.

At first glance you may think that both sobriety and recovery are identical. However this is not true. There is actually a major difference between the two and most if not all others beside Zion Recovery Center solely focus on sobriety never really addressing recovery. They do not deliberately do this, they simply just do not know how to approach and heal the soul which is screaming and begging for relief.

The main difference between being sober and working a honest program of recovery is thus. Sobriety is simply not using and learning different ways to not use. Recovery is addressing why you use as far as what different past traumas are you still trying to cope with. We believe that feelings buried alive never die and must be addressed. If you are getting anxiety just reading this, then you might be a good candidate for Zion Recovery Center.

Spotting drug abuse can be difficult, especially if the drugs have been prescribed by a medical professional (suboxone doctor, etc.). If you believe that you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms of drug abuse, quick and effective identification and treatment is crucial. Fortunately, a trusted source of help is close by. As a Provo resident, you have access to one of the most innovative and effective drug rehab centers in Utah. You’re not alone.

Zion Recovery Center

Our center has pioneered one of the most effective treatment therapies available. We combine proven treatment methods with faith-based healing to provide a more complete recovery for patients suffering from substance abuse and mild to moderate mental illnesses. Our holistic approach guides patients through the process of identifying their deepest fears, then finally releasing them to find complete relief from their struggles.

The difference in our recovery process is simple – it works! Some of the key contributors to the success of our treatment programs include:

It’s these aspects of our approach to healing that make treatment affordable, effective, and permanent. This means that you can trust our center as the best choice for helping yourself or a loved one achieve full recovery that lasts.

For more information on the treatment programs and services offered at Zion Recovery Center, please visit our contact page to reach a center representative, or call 385-207-2029.