Zion Recovery Center Founders

Matthew Jacobson- Executive Director

Matt is a no nonsense, dedicated, keep his nose to the grind kind of a guy. Having been raised on a farm, he learned the importance of hard work and taking pride in every task that is assigned to him. This work ethic and passion to succeed is what helps him to excel in all he does.

Matt is a very loving, caring, generous, and selfless person. He feels a strong responsibility to help and serve others. Because of this belief, he served a volunteer church mission in Argentina and now continues to help others that are struggling with substance abuse by dedicating his time and resources to Zion Recovery Center. The clients have a tendency to gravitate towards Matt because of his sound advice and ability to listen and be of comfort when needed in a non judgmental manner.

He enjoys rewarding the clients for their achievements and to provide them with treatment that is fun and exciting. Among the many other skills he has obtained throughout the years, he has thoroughly mastered the art of patience which transcends to both staff and clients helping everyone stay grounded, centered, and focused.

Apart from his personal characteristics and skill sets, Matt has a degree in Business Administration. His business background, experience, and diverse qualifications have earned him the office of Zion Recovery Center’s executive director. He is an entrepreneur at heart and loves to challenge the way things are currently done by looking for more efficient and quality ways to get the job done. He is extremely sharp, intuitive, and detail oriented and therefore has an ability to see into the future and bring back new and upcoming concepts ahead of its time.

When Matt is not at work or enjoying time with the clients, you can find him spending quality time with his wife and young daughter. He and his family enjoy spending time outdoors, fishing or riding 4-wheelers, playing golf and tennis, going to the movies, snowboarding, playing card games, and eating sushi.

Benjamin Jones, LCSW- Clinical Program Director

It takes a special kind of provider with the innate ability to know precisely what the specific and individual client treatment needs are and then being able to furnish those needs in a loving and non-confrontational manner.

Ben has tirelessly labored to help other drug rehab centers in Utah to understand the single importance of this. Another impactful and rare quality required to run a beneficial program is the ability to just listen and not always judge or talk so much. Benjamin Jones is just such a therapist and clinical director. 

Ben has a very unique and colorful history that most clinicians or people in general have never experienced. He spent most of his adolescent childhood (from the age of 12-21) abusing drugs and alcohol. The majority of this time was spent homeless and was either hitch-hiking or hopping freight trains across the West Coast. He has been on both sides of the fence concerning recovery and is therefore extremely understanding and empathetic to the private and often traumatic backgrounds a client may have endured. Ben had to brave his own sacred journey back into the loving arms of our Lord and Savior and is now helping others do the same. 

Upon realizing his full potential and worth as a son of God, Ben decided to first serve a full-time mission to share the Lord’s powerful message. Shortly thereafter, he knew his purpose on earth was to become a therapist and to help other lost souls find their way back. Once Ben had a dream and goal in mind, all he could think about or work toward is owning and operating a substance abuse facility. This meant that even though he initially dropped out of school, he was able to fight his way through college and secure different grants and scholarships to eventually afford and obtain a Masters degree in Social Work. Ben ended up graduating from the University of Utah with an emphasis in Substance Abuse Treatment with high honors. 

While working on achieving his ultimate vision, Ben obtained many skills and ideas along the way. For the last 16 years since being sober, he has either been training/supervising staff, developing curriculum, studying, directly working with or even establishing and starting up other drug and alcohol treatment facilities in Utah. Throughout these years, he has held many positions and prestigious titles within the field of substance abuse and mental health and has worked with multiple populations in both the public and private sector such as: at-risk youth, 12-Step, severely and persistently mentally ill (Schizophrenia, etc.), Borderline Personality Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome (high functioning Autism), Bipolar Type I&II Disorder, and criminal justice involved clientele.

Ben has personally witnessed and therefore knows exactly what is working in the industry as well as what is lacking specifically in the state of Utah. From all of this, he has mastered the craft and fine tuned 25 years of first-hand experience into what is now called, Zion Recovery Center. Ben is happily married with three (3) beautiful children; his aspirations have finally come true and he is now ready and waiting to help you or your loved one create or accomplish their dreams and goals. Ben is living proof that everyone is worthy, lovable and capable of turning their life around and accomplishing anything their heart desires; so long as they are honest, open-minded and willing to do whatever it takes.

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