Oakley Drug Rehab Utah

Zion Recovery Center serves to rid everyone struggling with drug dependency in Oakley, UT from the chains they often feel they are bound with. Drug and alcohol addictions aren’t easy to recover from, but removing people from situations where they’re exposed to bad habits is the first step. We aim to not only remove the substance they’ve been abusing, but to focus on the physical, mental, spiritual, social, and emotional aspects of healing, to really get to the bottom of the problem and prevent it from returning even after they leave our program.  

If you are from Oakley Utah, then you are already aware of just how beautiful and serene it is. If you have never been then we highly suggest you visit it. There is much you can do in the great outdoors of Oakley. However, it like many other cities has it’s skeleton’s in it’s closet.

Many addicts in need of substance abuse treatment live in or are from Oakley. If this is you, finding a good substance abuse treatment center is crucial. Zion Recovery Center is just such a addiction facility. We will do everything in our power to help you or a loved one overcome the chains of addiction that continue to bind you.

Recovery is possible, hope is always available. We offer recovery and hope through a number of amazing ways. One way that we take really great pride in is how we cater to our clientele through creating a safe and nurturing atmosphere. This is the only way for an addict to heal through feeling loved.

Another way we provide exclusive and luxurious rehab treatment in Utah is through the hiring or substance abuse treatment experts. Zion Recovery Center never hires newly recovered addicts or paraprofessionals. We do not follow the current frame of thinking that recovering addicts are the only kind of staff that should be hired.

In fact if you think about it, why would you put your life into someone else’s hands with somebody who barely understands recovery themselves. It is actually really scary to think that other drug rehab centers in Utah would assume that a recovering addict has more value than a master level clinician.

We take a slightly different approach to rehabilitation than a lot of centers, because we utilize a faith-based approach to healing. We follow non-denominational teachings of Jesus Christ to help people feel increased love and compassion in their lives, and to refocus the energy they once spent with their addictions on positive things. Our program even comes with a lifetime guarantee, so we hope our patients can gain as much confidence in themselves as we have in their recovery. Zion Recovery Center specializes in drug and alcohol abuse, which is why we claim to be the best equipped to help those struggling with substance abuse problems in Oakley, Utah. 

We admit clients in groups of just five, in order to ensure that they get the personalized care they need to make a full and lasting recovery from addiction. We try to always foster a joyful environment for care, and make recovery as enjoyable of an experience as it can be. Our staff are always on hand to give individual attention according to each person’s needs. 

Contact Zion Recovery Center today at 385-207-2029 to find out more about how we can help you or someone you love to overcome addiction.