Faith-Based Treatment

12 step prayer and rehab spiritualityZion Recovery Center firmly believes the only way to overcome the recurring pain, trauma, and underlying issues that lead to substance abuse is to involve the teachings of Jesus Christ into our client’s daily life. The only way this is possible is to give each client something that is exclusively offered through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. This gift ensures an addict’s ability to finally love and forgive themselves wholeheartedly.

This does not mean Zion Recovery Center solely focuses on spiritual matters, rather it means we revere the healing powers of the Atonement as our best defense against the disease of addiction. We use the most up to date evidence-based research in combination with the Atonement. By doing this, Zion Recovery Center has created a revolutionary style of providing substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment unparalleled to what is currently being offered elsewhere. This is why we are confident in offering a lifetime guarantee to all of our clients.

We believe incorporating faith into your drug treatment experience is paramount. There is nothing more important that you could do in fact! The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous states that alcoholism (addiction) is beyond human aid. This means that despite our best efforts we have resulted in relapse countless times. Why do you suppose that is?

If this statement is true, then we can understand why there are so many that fall at their various treatment episodes and end up back on the streets actively using again. You can not just address the issue(s) of sobriety and neglect recovery altogether. Sobriety is the art of not using drugs or alcohol and recovery is being brave enough to resolve why you used/are still using to cope with your problems and then learning how to face your fears without using a substance to feel better.

For whatever reasons, many addicts have turned their backs to God and feel unworthy, inadequate or have deep rooted resentments when it comes to this topic. There is nothing wrong with feeling these pressures, etc. What Zion Recovery Center proposes is that a major part of your recovery process is to address why you have such a strong disconnect with God and to allow yourself the chance to get reacquainted with Him in a non-confrontational and safe manner.

Zion Recovery Center does their best to help each and every client explore their own personal relationship with God the Eternal Father. This can sometimes be very daunting indeed. We never make this exploration a mandatory part of our treatment curriculum as you can not force God upon anyone at anytime. Rather, we have learned the importance of letting go and letting God. We are mere instruments in his hands to aid you in both your sobriety and recovery.

Zion Recovery Center recognizes that we simply are not a one-size-fits-all facility. Even though we are definitely not a run of the mill drug rehab, we definitely provide intimate treatment in a unique and special way. If you want to further explore and understand your relationship with God and tap into his healing power, then you have come to the right place. Call now!