Category: Mental Health Disorders

Change the way you think, do and feel; or DIE!!

Upon first glance of this title, you may be thinking to yourself that this is a really harsh statement. Unfortunately for the majority of most addicts, this heading is all too real as death becomes the only solution to their problems. Anxiety and fears only heightens for the addict as the pain of change freezes… Read more »

Fight or Flight

As I think about times I have faced fear in my life a number of things come to mind. The fear I had the first time I pointed my skis down a snow covered hill, fear I felt standing on top of a red covered cliff above the water just before jumping, the fear I… Read more »

Daily Personal Inventories

Taking Inventory and Keeping Fit Step 10 from Alcoholic Anonymous states, “We took moral inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it”. It is important that we evaluate whether we are “Staying Fit” in our recovery on a daily basis. One simple tool that we can use to gauge how we are doing is… Read more »

Small Group Sizes Help Improve Sobriety

Zion Recovery Center knows how important it is to help our client feel comfortable enough to open up and disclose their personal trauma. Trauma that is also known as an underlying cause is usually a key factor that keeps you or a loved one’s addiction alive. Discussing, processing, and overcoming the underlying causes of addiction… Read more »

Why Faith Based Treatment?

We are often asked why we have chosen to offer faith-based treatment for those who are suffering from a co-occurring mental health disorder alongside with a substance abuse use disorder. The answer is simple, spirituality improves our clients chance to achieve enduring sobriety. However, understanding that concept is far from simple. A recent article by… Read more »