Altamont Drug Rehab

“Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.” – BC

Finding a way out of drug addiction is completely possible. Those battling substance abuse should seek professional help immediately, in order to minimize the damage done to their bodies, minds, and lives generally. Zion Recovery Center offers people in Altamont, Utah a facility where they can receive individual care and attention to help rid them of addictions. 

We specialize in helping people overcome the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual effects of drug and alcohol addiction. Our comfortable healing facility, located in the scenic foothills of Eagle Mountain, is a safe space for people to confront and vanquish their demons, and is designed to allow every necessary type of healing to take place in both the mind and body of each client who stays there. 

Here at Zion Recovery Center, we don’t follow the typical rehab center trend of treating as many people as possible at one time – we keep our group sizes between 5 and 10, for inpatient and outpatient care respectively. This allows us to give more attention to the individual, and ensures that no one “slips under the rug” when they begin recovery with us. 

Altamont is in just as much need of emergency alcohol and/or drug rehab treatment services as any other city (Salt Lake City) in Utah does. It would be nice to not have to worry about the disease of addiction once and for all. unfortunately, this just is not the case. So many people lose their lives to addiction on a regular basis (Utah included).

Until there is a personalized and private drug rehab center in Altamont Utah, Zion Recovery Center is ready and waiting to help you or a loved one. We understand it all too well when it comes to the associated panic and distress and behaviors of the addict.

There is hope! Treatment is possible. There is no excuse as to why you or a loved one can not get the life saving treatment they deserve. Zion Recovery Center is able to provide private and confidential as well as professional drug treatment help that is needed if you are in a crisis situation. Help is available. You do not have to deal with this alone anymore.

Let our amazing staff help guide you through the entire intake process. This can often be overwhelming; especially if you know very little as to what is best to do, or what to look for when trying to find the perfect treatment center in Utah. Was a free resource to you, we posted the “Top 10 Questions to Ask when Looking for Drug Rehab Treatment”. Just click on the link to learn more!

In order to promote self-love and forgiveness, our program utilizes the teachings of Jesus Christ. We don’t promote any specific branch of Christianity, but we want everyone to experience the loving kindness of the Savior, as we believe it is conducive to lifelong recovery and peace.

To inquire about our treatment programs, or just to ask us questions you have, contact us today!